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LaSalle College 
Philadelphia, Pa. 



To an outsider, La Salle College may be just another institution of 
higher learning. But that's to an outsider. 

For someone who is associated with La Salle — whether it be student, 
teacher or alumnus — there exists something a little more special. It's a 
feeling that sets this school apart . . . making it more than a place to 
earn a degree. It fills the atmosphere, the classrooms and buildings. Call 
it a unique secret, if you will. 

Rarely, in the life of a college, does its "family" have the opportunity 
to celebrate two anniversaries. The 1979-80 school year marks the 
fiftieth anniversary of La Salle at 20th and Olney — an event in itself. 
But this is also the 300th anniversary of the Christian Brothers order 
founded by St. John Baptiste de la Salle. 

In appreciation, we would like to dedicate this special section and the 
1980 Explorer to the Christian Brothers of La Salle. Unfortunately, 
every Brother cannot be acknowledged in the publication. Yes, it is a 
question of space — for no amount of space could do justice for the 
work, dedication and affection that the Christian Brothers give to La 

This dedication is only one small way of repaying that affection. We 
all know that what sets La Salle apart, makes it so special, is not a 

It's the Christian Brothers. We thank you. 

An aerial view of the campus before the 
construction of Olney Hall 

1 j^ 

La Salle at 20th and Olney 

Half a Century of College Life 

As the years after the war faded, 
people in the United States were 
caught in an ever-expanding 
prosperity. Jobs were plentiful, 
money and food abundant, most 
Americans were content . . . Every- 
thing looked positive as the inflated 
ball of prosperity bounced higher 
and higher. How could anyone, 
even those whose fiscal resources 
were thin, hesitate to take the great 
plunge into investment, especially 
for expansion and improvement? 
Such was the prevailing attitude as 
La Salle College took its plunge to- 
ward destiny by seeking a new and 
larger campus. 

Conceived in Crisis 

Thomas J. Donaghy 

For La Salle students, the years spent at 20th and Olney are a personal experience. Our view is 
limited by the brevity of our stay here. Looking upon the buildings and the campus, we feel a sense of 
constancy — of permanence. The La Salle we know is fixed in tradition. However, from a historical 
perspective. La Salle College at 20th and Olney, on its fiftieth birthday, is still in those impressionable 
years: an age at which tradition does not yet impede progress and at which the students, faculty, and 
administration are still working toward the ideal La Salle. So, on the fiftieth anniversary of La Salle's 
■plunge toward destiny," the eventful stages of the college's journey take on greater significance. 

In 1925, the mood of the nation - and of La Salle College - was confident. Plans for renovating "old 
1240" on North Broad Street were discarded and negotiations for the land at 20th Street and Olney 
Avenue began. Final settlement for the property was made on October 11, 1926, and soon afterwards 
construction started. The financial optimism of the Christian Brothers was shattered a short time later 
by negotiation difficulties and a nationwide economic collapse. As a result, college students were not 
moved from 1240 to 20th and Olney until February 5, 1930. 

A staggering debt and construction problems clouded the future, but the new campus opened new 
horizons. Numerous activities which has been struggling for survival or had never been considered 
thrived at 20th and Olney. The Collegian, for example, first appearing in May of 1931, has grown &nd 
prospered despite depression, expansion, and controversy. Up to this time, college newspapers had 
had a traditionally short history at La Salle (as evidenced by the La SalJe Advance, the Argosy, the 
Budget, the Go-Getter, the Quadrangle, and the Acorn). 

La Salle's first football team kicked off in October of 1932. For ten years La Salle's football program 
remained in operation — including one undefeated season! But when the student population fell 
dramatically as a result of World War II, the sport was abandoned and never revived. 

In 1935, the first fraternity at La Salle was founded - Sigma Phi Lambda. The early years also saw 
the establishment of a law club, a history club, a debating society, and a pre-med society. And in 1940, 
for the very first time, the faces and events of a school year were captured in the first publication of 
the Explorer. 

Naturally, many activities were 
phased out because of the war. But 
whether they remained active or 
not, they are worth notice in their 
reflection of our predecessors' inter- 
ests, attitudes, and aspirations. 
From this reflection we perceive the 
image of an energetic, enthusiastic, 
and innovative college community. 

Between 1941 and 1942, enroll- 
ment dropped from 411 to 356. The 
call of the Army, Navy, and Ma- 
rines continued to be answered by 
La Salle students en masse so that 
by December of 1943 the college 
population had dropped to 121 stu- 
dents. During this time the total en- 
rollment of high school students at 
La Salle kept climbing and by 1944 
had reached 1000. But the college 
picture turned even bleaker; the 
end of the 1945 academic year saw 
only fifty students attending La 
Salle. Though the effort was costly, 
and to some futile, the Christian 
Brothers refused to close the school. 
Finally, with the end of the war 
emergency, the population began to grow. In fact, the rate of enrollment soared so high that the fall of 1947 brought 
with it 1,700 college students. As Brother Thomas Gimborn noted, "It was unheard of — after dropping to so few 
students — to be struggling to get together enough courses, sections, and teachers." 

The increase in student population necessitated faculty growth. From 1945 to 1952, the college faculty climbed from 
fifty-six to 120 full-time professors. In 1946, an Evening Division program was firmly established. Here, too, enrollment 
rose from thirty-six in the program's first year to over 1,600 students by 1956. And in 1959, academia at La Salle 
invaded students' final sanctuary — summer. Summer sessions created the year-round services La Salle provides 

The growth of the college population soon forced out the high school students. By 1960, "the small mammals," as 
Dr. Holroyd called the high schoolers, had migrated. But the entire campus was soon not large enough for the college 
population and the need for expansion became apparent. A project of major importance to the college was the 
completion of the library in 1951. Later years and further increases brought other new accommodations: several 
dormitories, Olney Hall, the College Union Building, and the chapel. 

The evolution of La Salle has led to a special college character. Brother Daniel Burke once wrote, "La Salle is a 
complex college, a liberal arts college, a pre-professional school — with day, evening, and summer sessions ..." All of 
these, combined with La Salle's emphasis on educational essentials and community, comprise "the essential fabric of 
its tradition," propelling La Salle College further toward the realization of its destiny. 




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Brother F. Christopher Businsky rl 

Brother William Quinn strolling through campus 




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Brother Christopher Brother John Dondero 



And it all started 

300 years ago 

Religious Orders are not founded in 
a vacuum, nor do they exist in one. 
They are all created with a specific 
purpose in mind, and over the cen- 
turies they develop a unique character 
and spirituality. So, as we celebrate 
the tercentenary of the Brothers of the 
Christian Schools, it is fitting to con- 
sider some of the history and chari- 
sma of this Congregation which has 
come to mean so much to the Church- 
at-large and to our community in 

Much of the raison d'etre of the in- 
stitute was determined by its founder, 
St. John Baptist de la Salle. Born on 
the 30th of April 1651 in Rheims, 
France, LaSalle was part of an aristo- 
cratic family whose members had dis- 
tinguished themselves in the French 
judicial system. The young nobleman 
was sent to school for the priesthood 
at the Seminary of Saint Sulpice in 
Paris where he earned a Doctorate in 
Theology. Eventually he retired to the 
city of Rheims where he obtained a 
canonry at the Cathedral. Most of the 
patrician clergy in 17th century 
France would have been satisfied with 
such a position, but LaSalle was cast 
from a different mold than most of his 

In March, 1679, he made the ac- 
quaintance of a man who was to give 
the impetus to LaSalle's whole mis- 
sion, Adrian Nyel. Nyel was one of 
those men we meet occasionally in 
history — an energetic person of tre- 
mendous vision who lacked the deter- 
mination to realize his dreams. Nyel 
was a founder of schools for the poor 
whose basic premises impressed La 
Salle who matched Nyel in breadth of 
vision but who supplied the sedulous- 
ness and assiduity which his partner 
lacked. While Nyel's energy drifted in 
other directions, LaSalle soon found 
that he had discovered his life's work 
in the direction of the school masters. 
In 1684, LaSalle felt the compelling 
quality so keenly that he renounced 
his patrimony, distributed his wealth 


among the poor, took the vow of obe- 
dience with twelve of his school mas- 
ters (the first Brothers), and then 
donned the still characteristic habit of 
the community. 

Until LaSalle's death on Good 
Friday in 1719, the institute which he 
founded in 1680 suffered numerous 
setbacks, such as the conflicts with the 
ecclesiastical and civil authorities, the 
Jansenist heresy, and the death of La- 
Salle's beloved protege — Henri 
I'Heureaux. But in spite of these 
difficulties, the institute advanced 
steadily. Before LaSalle died, he had 
the satisfaction of seeing the institute 
receive a charter from the Regent 
Philippe in 1717, the same year La- 
Salle resigned as Superior. When he 
died, according to the noted LaSallian 
historian W.J. Battersby, there were 
274 brothers, in 27 communities, 
serving 9,000 pupils in France. 

Aside from the palpable extraor- 
dinary quality of LaSalle's life as a 
founder of a religious community, he 
merits note for numerous other rea- 
sons. He was centuries ahead of his 


time in his attitudes toward the educa- 
tion of the poor. He saw their tutelage 
as a right, not a privilege. And his 
book, On The Conduct Of Christian 
Schools, was long an indispensable 
volume in Christian educational phi- 

Above all other reasons, though, we 
remember LaSalle today for the 
unique heritage of spirituality which 
he left his Brothers. All religious take 
vows of poverty, chastity, and obe- 
dience. But a Brother of the Christian 
Schools promises to live by two other 
ideals which have lent the Institute 
much of its character in the present 
day world. The first of these is the 
vow of association, by which they 
vow to live together as brothers. This 
may seem simplistic, but to LaSallians 
it commands the highest degree of 
committment and fellowship, both 
within the community working at any 
given school, and within the institute 
as a whole. It mandates the co-respon- 
sibility of each Brother for every oth- 
er, and this assurance frees them for 

their mission of teaching in the 

The second of their special vows is 
that of "service of the poor through 
education." It is through the strength 
they gain by their vow of association 
that the Brothers can perform their 
apostolic work so well. It should be 
noted that the Brothers do not prom- 
ise "service of the poor in education", 
but rather through it. This means that 
wherever a Brother teaches, whether 
it be in a protectory, such as St. Ga- 
briel's Hall in the inner city, or West 
Catholic, or out on the Main Line at 
Archbishop Carroll, he carries a spirit 
of reverence for the poor and a sen- 
sitivity for their needs which he tries 
to inculcate in all his students, regard- 
less of their background. 

Defined and assisted by the spirit 
and values LaSalle left for his In- 
stitute, the Brothers of the Christian 
Schools have expanded in the past 300 
years from a small group of school 
teachers in Rheims to the fifth largest 
order in the Roman Catholic Church, 

having some 16,000 members in over 
80 countries. This pinnacle was not eas- 
ily reached. 

During the French Revolution, the 
Brothers refused to swear the oath 
required by the Civil Constitution of 
the Clergy and were disbanded and 
persecuted by the government with, at 
one point, only ninety Brothers re- 

After the Napoleonic era, the In- 
stitute arose, Phoenix-like, from its 
ashes, and under the talented lead- 
ership of Superiors General Brother 
Frumance, Brother Gerbaud, and 
Brother Philippe Branscit, the mem- 
bership in the Institute increased dra- 
matically and the LaSallian spirit re- 
vived itself. 

In the United States too, the work of 
the Brothers prospered (with the first 
Brothers teaching in the parish school 
at St. Genevieve, Missouri, in 1819.) 
While encountering many obstacles, 
the Brothers have done well here also. 
At present, there are approximately 
1,500 Brothers serving the poor 
through education in this country. 

St. John Baptist de la Salle's last 
words were, "I adore, in all things, the 
will of God, in my regard." It is this 
legacy of selflessness and dedication 
which is the most significant gift 
he has left the Brothers in their min- 
istry today. For, in their ceremony of 
first profession of promises, the candi- 
date to the Brotherhood promises "to 
go wherever I may be sent and to do 
whatever I may be assigned," thereby 
engaging in that splendid and arduous 
task which LaSalle set for them 300 
years ago; to educate the young, to 
show compassion for the poor, and 
perhaps most importantly of all, to 

James Butler (with the assistance of 
Brothers F. Christopher, Charles Ech- 
elmeier, Carl Clayton) 


Br. Patrick Ellis 


A salute to the Brothers 

Gregory Claude Demitras 
Gene Graham 

F. Patrick Ellis 
Emery C. MoJlenhauer 
Edward John AJJgeier 

Joseph Bender 

Daniel W. Burke 

F. Christopher Businsky 

CarJ Clayton 

jomes Conaghan 

Charles F. Echelmeier 

E. Louis Fernandez 

Gerald Fitzgerald 

D. Thomas Gimborn 

F. Vincent Grimes 

Richard Hawley 

Daniel Bernion Kelly 

Francis McCormick 

James J. JVIuldoon 

Lewis JVIullin 

G. John Owens 
David C. Pendergast 

William J. Quinn 

Jude Sapone 

Paul Scheiter 

Gregory Paul Sprissler 

Anthony W. Wallace 

Thomas W. Warner 

Hugh V. Wilson 

Lawrence J. Colhocker 

Alfred W. Grunenwald 

Hugh N. Albright 

J. Edward Davis 

William J. Martin 

Joseph J. Keenan 

Gerard F. Molyneaux 

Joseph F. Burke 

John P. Dondero 

Gerard G. Vernot 

Cosmos Van Tran 

Richard D. Herlihy 

John Kane 
Brian Henderson 
Joseph McGinty 

The 1980 Explorer and the entire College com- 
munity thank the Christian Brothers for their 
work, dedication and enthusiasm for the benefit 
of La Salle. 


Christian Brothers hke what they see 

Social scientists have made us 
aware of cultural relativism. The 
forms and institutions of one time or 
place often seem immutable, eternal, 
part of the very nature of things to 
those near them, while they appear 
arbitrary, pointless, droll and quaint 
to outside observers. Yesterday's pas- 
sions are today's nostalgia. And the 
more clearly we perceive relativism, 
the more of it there is; all dogmas, 
axioms, truths, laws come under reva- 
luation, scrutiny, question. 

But how relative is relative? Is 
Rheims, France too far away to mean 
anything for Philadelphians? Is 1680 
too long ago to help shape 1980? Is 
John Baptist de la Salle, a priest, an 
aristocrat, a humanist intellectual, too 
remote to cross our paths at all? What 
does liberal arts education mean 
today? Why religious community? 
Why Catholic schools? 

We asked several of the Christian 
Brothers to comment about the way in 
which the La Salle College of 1980 is 
still fulfilling the historic mission of 
St. La Salle — and what a variety of 


Brothers we asked! Ranging from 18 to 
80, from undergraduate to full profes- 
sor, from "mere" instructor to college 
president, there was agreement. Yes, 
there has been change, plenty of it, 
more than any visionary of 1680 could 
have conceived. Yet this change, the 
Brothers thought, has been — well, 
let's say relative. In a "back to basics" 
age, some basics don't have to be gone 
back to, because they were always 

Brother Patrick Ellis, President of La 
Salle College, thinks that "we are, in 
the main, bringing St. La Salle's visi 
into our century and our cultur 
seeing to the real needs of persons 
who otherwise wouldn't be served 
fully, if at all. To paraphrase him, Si 
La Salle said that parents and studeni 
shouldn't have to trade off any educa- 
tional quality in order to have a reli- 
gious atmosphere. The place with his 
name on it must be first-rate in all 

As to academic change, about 
which we also asked. Brother Patrick 
"would like to see a more effective 
thrust for intellectual formation: cohe- 
rence in the structure of all majors, 
cumulative impact in areas like phi- 
losophy and theology along with the 
existing brilliance of the separate 
courses, much more study of long- 
range subjects like history and foreign 
languages." Brother Patrick thinks all 
of this is coming, "but slowly." 

Brother Gregory Paul Sprissler 
came to La Salle in 1933 and has been 
something of everything: faculty mem- 
ber, dean of the college, president of 
the college, and dean of the evening 
division. "The trend today," Brother 
Gregory Paul notes, "is toward fewer 
and fewer Christian Brothers. During 
the 30's and early 40's, the faculty, 
though small, was composed mostly of 
Brothers. Every student in each of his 
years at the College came into in- 
timate contact with the Brothers. It 
follows that the traditions of St. La 
Salle were maximized. Today it is 
possible for a student to spend four 
years here without coming under the 
influence of a Brother in the class- 
room." Yet, of course, we are here, 
which very fact is a striking if indirect 
tribute to the traditions of the Broth- 

Brother William Quinn, who has 
also served La Salle College and the 
Christian Brothers with panache, dis- 
tinction, and longevity, also feels that 
the college today is still in step with 
the founder's ideals. "Who am I to 
speak for St. John Baptist de la Salle? 


La Salle 
into the '80's 

V, riiisuuiiiuMninsinn 



* itimiini;^ l y ^-i - — ^ 

All the same, my guess is that if he 
were to return to visit the College 
bearing his name he would be 
pleased, and proud, of what the Col- 
lege is, in Anno Domini 1980." What 
makes Brother Quinn feel that way? 
"The blend of idealism enunciated in 
the philosophy and goals of the Col- 
lege with the realism of day-to-day 
living at 20th and Olney has created 
something unique, something as dis- 
tinctive as any family is distinctive. 

"La Salle is a good place to live, and 
work, and reflect and dream. The 
mood is friendly, the climate is free, 
and joy in living has not passed us by, 
thank God. I have yet to hear of any- 
one on campus hindered in making 
his or her unique contribution to the 
commonweal. And yet, in spite of this 
spirit of live and let live, it is rare that 
anyone abuses the good nature of oth- 

Newer and younger Christian Broth- 
ers agree with their older confreres, 
stressing the main mission laid down 
by St. La Salle. Brother Richard Her- 
lihy, a senior sociology major (and the 
first Christian Brother, as far as we 
know, to take his lumps on an in- 
tramural football team), places the 
mission of the Brothers in context: 
"The Council of American Bishops ex- 
horts our clerical and religious educa- 
tors to 'teach as Jesus taught.' The 
Christian Brothers seem to me to ex- 
emplify such teaching, which involves 
adapting Jesus's way of reaching out 



to people — going out into the commu- 
nity and proclaiming the Good News, 
teaching his people, touching them in 
words and deeds. Likewise, the Chris- 
tian Brothers are among the commu- 
nity — in the classroom, working with 
a social action agency, moderating or 
participating in neighborhood activi- 
ties, and many other apostolates. The 
Brothers are prayerful men of faith 
who, through their words and deeds, 
reach out and touch God's people 

Another "newer" Brother, Brian 
Henderson, made his first profession 
in September of last year. His words 
show that he had pondered deeply 
just what he was professing by be- 
coming a Christian Brother. "Through 
his writings, St. La Salle insists that 
the Christian Brothers provide quality 
education as being more than text- 
books and exams; forming well- 
rounded contributors to society was a 
major objective for him, too. The Col- 
lege continues to change physically, 
academically, and philosophically in 
order to address the needs of present 
and future students. It is because of — 
not in spite of — these changes that La 
Salle College strives to fulfill the 
Founder's vision." 

You might have your misgivings 
when the next tuition bill comes in, 
but Brother Claude Demitras, Dean of 
the Evening Division, reminds us that 
"St. La Salle directed the Brothers to 
educate the poor . . . which concept 
may be extended to include those in 
our society who have not had the 
chance to take advantage of the edu- 
cational opportunities available due to 

financial difficulties." Certainly the 
College, Day and Evening Divisions 
alike, exhausts every possibility to in- 
sure that any qualified applicant will 
not be prevented from attending be- 
cause of financial problems. Adapt- 
ability and dedication are the main 
factors, Brother Claude thinks, that al- 
low La Salle College to continue exist- 
ing and providing service "in this ex- 
pensive, real world, joining in furious 
combat against present-day inflation." 
The College provides an education 
that is both "hot-off-the-press" and 

timeless. "St. La Salle would be proud 
of us." 

Former President Brother Daniel 
Bernian identifies St. La Salle's genius 
as an educator with his ability to find 
a "solution to a need in seventeenth- 
century France" that transcended time 
and place. This need was answered by 
the establishment of schools, "amidst 
the poor and for the poor, which were 
to be controlled instruments adapted 
to humans. Here . . . are found the 
three ideas vital to the Lasallian tradi- 
tion — to answer a need, to educate 

through the schools, to solve the prob- 
lems of the poor." And for the 1980's? 
Brother feels that "although there 
have been many faces of La Salle it 
seems to me its heart is still that of St. 
La Salle, who gave all his goods to the 
poor, answered the needs of his times, 
founded schools, and gave himself un- 
selfishly to the education of youth." 

The Founder was "resilient," ac- 
cording to Brother William Martin, an 
"eminently practical man, light years 
ahead of his time. Respectful of tradi- 
tion, he was not afraid to break from 
it when it hindered his work. Our 
Brothers are rediscovering the genius 
of the Founder to adapt. Much has 
changed, but the very notion of adapt- 
ation to our students is the essence of 
de la Salle's spirit. As we approach 
the 80's and 90's we still will continue 
to work for Christ and his Church in a 
spirit of service and dedication to our 
students. We will continue to make 
whatever changes are necessary for 
the times, but in all this we will be 
encouraged and guided by the spiritu- 
al legacy bequeathed to us by John 
Baptist de la Salle." 

Back to the relativism: look around 
campus. Do you see Brothers and lay 
people, men and women, students and 
faculty? And — far from Rheims, far 
from 1680, far from the aristocracy — 
do you see a fairly large number of 
them living out their understanding of 
St. La Salle's ideals? Think before you 

Br. Vi^illiam Quirin 
enjoys his bike 

Student Life 

1 ' ' 

7 o 

-■•■■ If ^'~ — 





^ jwp^Bii: 









4 _ ■ i ^'i 




' . 4 - ' I S L 

^' '^fii*"1i>\lN^ 

f r p ^lif ■ f^P 


-, » «4 ^ 

Now where, 

my friend? 



The end of a long, winding journey 

The bus was grinding along the 
Boulevard, stuck somewhere between 
first and second gears. Inside, a young 
woman glanced at her watch. Oh good 
Lord, hurry up, she wanted to shriek. 
I'm going to be late for class on the 
first day. Blood rushed to her head. 
Her heart pounded. She gripped her 
books and braced her feet against the 

Now, she thought, this is ridiculous. 
I am not going to look at my watch. 
She opened a book and concentrated 
hard, hard enough to shut out the 
slowly passing houses of Feltonville 

How strange it is. Senior year is 
beginning almost the same way fresh- 
man year did. With the same cold, 
tight knot stuck in the stomach. The 
same, yet different. Same type of fear, 
different prospects. 

Maybe not fear, really. She knew 
what kind of future she wanted. Had 
sketched out her plans endlessly. She 
knew what she didn't want; knew, 
more or less, what she did want. So 
there was no concrete fear, just . . . 
just . . . 

Anxiety, the dreaded skeleton of 
worry. That was it. She had felt the 

same way that very first day, three 
years ago. It hadn't had anything to do 
with not knowing the campus. She 
had taken the precaution of memo- 
rizing all the buildings. She knew 
some of the teachers by sight, like that 
English teacher who looked like one 
of the Seven Dwarves. 

But still it had been there, rattling at 
the edge of her mind. The old anxiety. 
Over trivial things, too, she remem- 
bered. What to wear. What to talk 

about. How to carry her books. 

The bus jolted extra hard, and her 
book slipped to the floor. The doors 
snapped open-shut. She dusted off her 
book . . . 

"Hello. You look new." First time in 
the lounge. The voice startled her so 
much that her hand slipped, and the 
door slammed behind her. Somebody 
is speaking to me? And on the first 

"Yes, I am. Sort of." She placed her 


■ s^ 




bookbag on a chair. Her frayed, regu- 
lation-blue bookbag, standard issue of 
her Catholic high school. "How could 
you tell?" 

"Lucky guess, I guess. My name's 
Michael. I'm a sophomore." 

"Really? My name's Ellen. I'm a 
freshman. Oh wait, you know that, 
don't you?" 

"Right." Solemnly. Then he smiled. 

She hesitated. "Right." Solemnly. 

And she smiled with him . . . 

The bus swung around a corner, 
forcing an extra gust of air through a 
crack in the window. She pushed 
some hair out of her eyes. Across the 
aisle, a woman stared at her, then 
quickly looked away . . . 

"Nancy, why are you so calm three 
days before finals?" Ellen laced her 
fingers, forming church, steeple, 

"Because I have only three exams. 
One of them's a take-home." The oth- 
er woman was sunk deep into a chair 
in the far corner of the lounge. She 
stared steadily at the ceiling. 

"You little — " Church, steeple, 

'"Watch it. Besides, I've got a great 
idea for a TV show. I'll make millions 
in Hollywood. Quit school." 

"Tell me more." Church, steeple, 

"Hour-long action series. Three 
women work for a private-eye boss 
they never see. They solve real ob- 
vious cases. They're always in situ- 
ations where they have to wear bath- 
ing suits. No redeeming social value 

"Nancy, I have some bad news for 
you." Church, steeple — 

The clock buzzed piercingly-The 
door cracked open. A face peered in. 
"Going to lunch now, Ellen?" 

Nancy slid out of her chair. "Off to 
one last class. See you next week." 

"Bye. Yeah, Joe. But let's wait for 
the caf to clear out." 

He sat on the arm of a chair. 
"What're you doing this summer?" 

"Going to work and be lazy." 

"I hope those things are mutually 
exclusive, or you're liable to get 
fired," he said slowly. 

"Just a chance I'll have to take, I 
guess." She pulled her wallet out of 
her knapsack. 

"Don't I owe you a quarter from the 
other day, Ellen?" 

"Pay me back when the snow goes 
away." She opened the door and 
walked out. 


"But it's April — hey, wait," He 
trotted after her . . . 

Windows rattled as the bus bumped 
over bone-jarring potholes. Her head 
throbbed. She massaged her temples, 
then rubbed her eyes. 

She had cried a little at Michael's 
graduation. Some of the crowd from 

the lounge had graduated with him. 
Some old friends were gone. Now her 
own commencement was in sight, 
even from the first day of senior year. 
Her turn to slip away from the sup- 
port network, into — who knows. 

Already the tales of personal terrors 
— MCATs, GREs, grad school appli- 

cations. Job hunts, interviews, re- 
sumes. The feeling that THIS IS IT. 
Time for plans, choices, decisions. 
One phase ends, coloring unmitigated 
relief with fond attachment. Another 
phase begins, with the taut excitement 
of entry into the untested. Through it 
all, the confidence that somebody will 
be there when needed — a talker, a 
listener. A friend. 

The bus doors crashed open. She 
stepped out at the foot of a steep hill. 
Wonder if 20th Street is going to be 
the story of my life, she thought. No. 
Not all the time. Not as long as — 

Have to remember to stop at the 
lounge. Never know who's down 
there, needing a hello. 



But now the days are short, 
I'm in the autumn of the year 
and now I think of my life as a 
vintage wine. It poured sweet 
and clear, 

it was a very good year . . . 
Ervin Drake 



Good Riddance 


Best Wishes 

From The Cafeteria Crew 

First Row: Robert Nyce, (Manager), Margaret Lazaro, Linda Hofer (Director) 

Second Row: Judy Twine, Betty Reif, Kathleen Higgins, Ann Black, Dorthy Giblin, Helen Giblin, Ann 

Pierson, Geneua Pettiford, Mary Hagan, Emile Lanoza 

Third Row: Peggy Lazaro, Louise Rickard, Francis Howard, Cheryl Lyman. Eleanor Perry, Teresa Jeffers, 

Catherine Layer, Dora Cooper 

Fourth Row: Dan Nacero, Glenn Bond, Vasnti Harding, Marie Walker, Victor Verdi (Manager), Mary Farrell, 

Betty Kennedy, Denise McLean 

Fifth Row: Bob Stefanowski, John Marshal, Terry Wyatt 

Absent from Picture: Harriette Emhof (Assistant Director), Doloris Stefanowski, Mary Mishikitus, Sophnie 

Knoettel, Angelo Daddona, Alan Dudley, Raymond Smart, Annie Lee. 


Defense From The Top 

A yearbook has wonderful shelf life. In the normal course of 
events, its owner turns to it on many a rainy afternoon, and before 
every reunion, and when old friends get together. Younger brothers 
and sisters, and in time other generations, find it by turns curious, 
enlightening and hilarious. 

But this volume is more than a time capsule of hair styles and 
enthusiasms. In its own way, it is a testimony to the college's reasons 
for being. All these images somehow cluster into implied principles. 
The individual persons cumulate into a whole, well, class. Students, 
faculty and staff, we are of all ages, sizes, shapes and dispositions. 
Some of us have polished off our degrees with speed; others have 
been constrained by circumstances to pursue them for quite some 

There is necessarily much individualism in attaining graduation. 
But in the yearbook, concern for others, willingness to work together, 
and a keen enjoyment of one another's company come through 
clearly on page after page. 

During that long shelf life, the journalistic cliches of 1980 will fade 
from our awareness. Who, leafing through this volume at the turn of 
the century, will readily recall that it deals with "the me generation?" 
That tag is a false generalization, one that will soon have sunk of its 
own weight, and which many individual lives and group endeavors 
will have disproved. Many will have answered calls that demanded 
the gift of their whole lives to others; most will have risen to the 
challenge of generosity at the crucial times. Principles that can be 
abstract in the catalogue can come to life in the yearbook, especially 
over time. 

Still, As The Explorer makes its appearance in 1980, that ephemer- 
al phrase may be serving its turn as a burr does. It may be jarring us 
out of our smugness, out of the mirror-cult that is so readily the 
product of an encompassing consumerism. "The me generation," with 
such fragmentary truth as it contains, can call us back to our best 
selves. To that extent, even a cliche has its uses. 

La Salle College (we, simply) stands for the belief that every 
person is precious and unique, and matters to God. This conviction 
works its way through every academic discipline. Every professor, 
after his or her fashion, lives it. This volume, rich in variety, has its 
essential unity in the worth of all those persons who smile, or frown, 
or look pensively out from its pages. 

I am personally grateful for the editor's invitation to share a few 
thoughts with The Explorer's readers in this space. The most appeal- 
ing opportunity is that of addressing the future in this way. The 
yearbook defies time in its own way, just as the College's founding 
principles transcend time altogether. 

Brother Patrick Ellis, F.S.C., Ph.D. 



John L. McCloskey, Vice President, Public Affairs, Casimir Ciesla, Economics, E. Russell Naughton, Philosophy 

David C. Fleming, Vice-President, Busine 

Kathleen E. Schrader, Director of Student Life 

Robert A. Bonfiglio. Assistant Director of Student Life 

William D. Bradshaw, Director of Recreation & 

Joseph F. O'Donnell, Associate Director of 
Recreation & Athletics & Intramural Coordinator 


Pat Abbott, Kaye Caplinger D'Angelo, Director of Financial Aid, George J. Walter, Assistant 

Director of Financial Aid 

Diaiine Dillon, CEW Se 

Christie Lawrence. Director, Continuing Education for Wome 

Raymond Ricci, Registrar 

Timothy P. Dillon, Director of Personnel Services 


Dominic J. Galante, Assistant Registrar 


William Jones, Counseling Cente 

oseph J. Bernier, Counseling Center 




The students clamor for their pay- 
checks. The dependent beat-beat of a 
basketball game echoes off Court A. 
Accu-Weather says it's going to rain 
and that means soccer practice gets 
moved inside. It is into this maze that 
Joe O'Donnell plunges himself every 

You'd think that overseeing a staff 
of 40 would be enough. Nope! 

Surely scheduling inter-collegiate 
games could mean a full-time job. 
Guess again! 

Well, ensuring the happiness of the 
100,000 students, faculty and alumni 
w/ho used the gym last year would 
take up anyone's time. 

But Joe O'Donnell isn't just anyone. 
He's the man behind the scene at Hay- 
man Hall. And on any given day that 
scene could mean men's basketball on 
Court A, women's volleyball on Court 
B, cheerleading on the sidelines, and 
pole-vaulting somewhere in between. 

But Building Director is the easy 
half of his job. You'd hate to see the 
harder part, right? Well O'Donnell 
himself views his role of Associate 
Athletic Director as the more difficult 
of the two. For once, the vague gener- 
ality of the title seems fitting. He's 
"generally" involved with assisting in 
the overall direction of 22 varsity pro- 
grams and well over a hundred in- 
tramural teams. He also helps formu- 
late athletic department policy. And 
aside from a key function in the hiring 
of new personnel, O'Donnell also exe- 
cutes a fine PR pitch for prospective 
high school recruits. 

A 1965 graduate of La Salle, 
O'Donnell returned to his alma mater. 
Father Judge, to teach economics. 
Having played soccer, he decided to 
try his hand at coaching. His four year 
stint at Judge yielded a "moderately" 
successful record: 28 all-Catholics, and 
one high school AU-American. But in 
true O'Donnell fashion, coaching and 
teaching just didn't take up enough 
time. So he signed on with the Phila- 
delphia Department of Recreation and 
was soon running the Northeast's bas- 
ketball, baseball and soccer leagues. 
You can't keep a good man down. 

With that in mind. La Salle hired its 
former student, and in 1971 O'Donnell 
was coaching men's soccer. Since 
then, he's watched the college undergo 
beneficial, if not wholly unturbulent 
changes. He's seen the center of ath- 
letics transferred from Wister to Hay- 

man Hall. And, he's also witnessed the 
birth of a women's athletic depart- 
ment which has grown to produce a 
regionally seeded number one hockey 
team, a goal-tending Olympic hopeful, 
and an Ail-American diver. Not bad 
for only eight years old. 

Few can argue that sports have 
made huge strides at LaSalle in recent 
years. But if the Associate Athletic 
Director has anything to do with it, 
they'll progress even further in the 
near future. Even though O'Donnell 
views Hayman Hall as "one of the 
finest facilities on the East Coast," he 
still sees a desperate need for such 
outdoor facilities as tennis courts, a 
Softball field, and a football field. (Do 
I hear shouts of glee from LSC stu- 
dents?) And although it would mean 
more work, he's strongly in favor of 
an athletic curriculum, espousing the 
belief that the world already has "too 
many minds running around without 

But what does the future hold for 
Joe O'Donnell? For one thing, a Mas- 
ter's Degree in Physical Education Ad- 
ministration from Temple. With that 
in mind, perhaps La Salle should be 
asking itself what lies ahead. Thirteen- 
hour days aren't easy. Pleasing 
coaches with practice schedules is no 
piece of cake. Finding time for alumni 
to play racquetball could drive any- 
one crazy. But it's all part of 
O'Donnell's job. And in him, the col- 
lege is truly blessed with a man of 
dedication, talent and experience. 


Margaret Miller Zenner, English 

Preston D. Feden, Education 


■ i 

1^ : 



1 « 




V * 








Joseph R. Troxell 
Qifantitative Analysis 

Shy Berger, Management 

Beverly A. B 

aeon. Mathematics 





". ~^' r^ 


1 ' 







iJ^ NO] 
■^ DY 

! AiltntumatKJ 
• Sponsored \y\ 

Mahesh Mittal, Computer Science 

John O'Neill, Mathematics 

Patricia Langenberg, Mathematics 

Charles E. Hofmann, III, Mathematics 


Dennis McCarthy, History 


F. Sigmund, Accounting 




.>t.'...S '.VArVA 

Glenn A. Morocco, French and Spanish 

James Lang, Art 

Thomas M. Ridington, Art History 

Geoi^ge A. Perfecky, Rus 

Thomas f. Lowery, Biology 

Raymond Ksiazek, Biology 


Norbert Belzer, Biology 

Br. Joseph F. Burke, Psychology 


Henry A. Bart. Geology 


Marc Moreau, Philosophy 

juMUW /Kids • 


Arlene B. Dallery, Philosophy 

Raymond |. Pierzchalski 

Ormond P. Macoretta, Philosophy 



|ohn S. Grady, 
Director of Honors Program 

Over the past summer, a member of 
the La Salle College faculty was in the 
news. It was not for a new book writ- 
ten, or for a series of lectures given; it 
was, rather, for a spectacular feat of 
endurance and will which for most 
men would be an impossibility: a 
cross-country bicycle trip at the age of 
62! For Brother William Quinn, how- 
ever, it was merely one expression of 
his diverse interests and talents, 
which led him to several positions of 
great responsibility long before this 

At the end of his freshman year at 
the Christian Brothers' St. John's Col- 
lege High School in Washington, D.C., 
William Quinn made a momentous 
decision which was to set the course 
for his whole life. Attracted "by their 
happiness living with each other," he 
recalled, "and by the possibility of 
making a contribution to society in 
the teaching profession," he decided 
to join the Brothers and went to their 
Junior Novitiate and High School in 
Ammendale, Maryland. After gradu- 
ation, he went to Catholic University, 
where he received his doctorate in 
physics and arrived on the scene at La 
Salle in 1946. During those early years. 
Brother Quinn espoused the same ed- 
ucational philosophy in which he be- 
lieves today. "The thing that I try to 
contribute to my students, especially 
here at the College, is a reliability that 
the students, in the year or so they are 
with me, will see something stable in 
the world in which they are living. 
They can count on the fact that I'm 
going to be there, that I'm going to be 
there on time. I'm going to have a 
lesson which is well prepared and 
which is presented with as much clar- 
ity and conviction as I can give. The 
long-range thing I am trying to present 
to the student is a sense of security." 

It was perhaps because of this stabi- 
lity and dedication that Brother Wil- 
liam was chosen to be the first aca- 

demic vice-president of La Salle Col- 
lege. During its post-war attendance 
boom, he ably assisted in solving the 
problems that came with exponential 
growth. At a time when the College 
administration was expanding and 
when "we were moving from a mo- 
narchical to a republican form of gov- 
ernment," he saw his role as that of 
"trying to pull the units of the admin- 
istration together into a unity of oper- 
ation, ... a coordinated force." 

In the middle of his academic ca- 
reer, Brother Quinn was called upon 
to assume a new and difficult respon- 
sibility, the direction of the five hun- 
dred Brothers of Baltimore district as 
provincial. From 1960 to 1966 he un- 
dertook the day-to-day administration 
of the province in matters financial, 
educational, and spiritual. His profes- 
sional status vastly altered, he never- 
thelss remarked, "When I walked 
away from here in 1960, it was with 
no regrets and no looking back at 
what I was leaving. My philosophy of 
life, without consciously thinking 
about it, has been to find the chal- 
lenge and the interest in the present 

He met these challenges well, and 
when he finished his term as provin- 
cial, a national organization, the Con- 
ference of Major Superiors of Reli- 
gious Orders of Men, asked him to 
head their staff when they opened 
their office in Washington. He served 
in that capacity from 1966 to 1976, 
when, after an absence of fifteen 

Br. William Quinn 

years, he returned to the academic 
millieu as Associate Professor of 
Mathematics. For the future, he looks 
forward to a La Salle where "the en- 
tire academic community is working 
quietly and systematically with dedi- 
cation and devotion for the process of 

In the summer of 1979, though, 
Brother Quinn made the news in a 
manner slightly more sensational than 
in his long years of sedulous effort in 
academics and at the Provincialate. 
He undertook his now famous mara- 
thon cycling trip which, in applying 
for permission from his superiors, he 
termed (in mock-seriousness) "a low- 
level, narrow-band (i.e. bicycle) study 
of the flora and fauna of the United 
States from the Pacific to the Atlantic 
Ocean." In this transcontinental ad- 
venture he would also study climato- 
logy, mineralogy, entemology, and cul- 
tural and linguistic differences 
throughout the country. It is inter- 
esting to note that Brother Quinn ven- 
tured the 3,000 mile-trek only after age 
had prevented him from pursuing two 
of his earlier hobbies: mountain 
climbing and caving! Featured in the 
Bulletin and receiving a great deal of 
campus fame, Brother has kept his 
sense of proportion. He is grateful for 
the notoriety but realizes it is fleeting. 
His devotion to a life of service in the 
Christian Brothers, however, he 
knows is lasting. As Brother Quinn 
declared, "For all that has been — 
thanks; to all that shall be — yes." 


Finn Hornum, Criminal Justice and Sociology 


John T. Connors, Social Work and Sociology 






As a youngster she dreamed of be- 
coming an artist. • In many ways her 
career as a French professor has 
fulfilled that childhood fantasy. After- 
all, the sounds of French that emanate 
from her lips are much like music's 
lingering notes or painting's delicate 
brush strokes. 

She once said, "I always loved the 
sound of French. I wanted to be able 
to make those sounds and have them 
mean something." To that desire she 
has remained faithful. For aside from 
molding those sounds into a logical 
pattern of language, she has also 
turned them into a challenging adven- 
ture in learning for hundreds of La- 
Salle students. She is Rita Mall. 

While you might be able to find one 
or two equally energetic people, 
Mall's unabashed love for the field 
remains hard to match. It is this deli- 
cate balance of stamina and affection 
that makes her one of the most vibr- 
ant personalities on camjpus. Hardly 
an hour goes by without a student 
eagerly seeking her advice, or a facul- 
ty member bidding a fond bonjour. 

Most times La Salle can spot a good 
thing. The 1960 hiring of Rita Mall is 
proof of the pudding. Throughout her 
11 years at the college she has taught 
everything from 101 to the twentieth 
century French novel. Together she 
and literature result in pure harmony. 
Her classroom comes alive with im- 
ages much like those she once 
dreamed of painting. And, she shyly 
admits that there's a little bit of actor 
in every teacher. 

But, like most artists, Mall has 
broadened her involvements in recent 
years. Aside from her Associate Pro- 
fessorship, in 1976 she began work as 
an Academic Assistant to Dean Mul- 
doon. Much of her job in this area 
revolves around individual counseling 
for students on academic probation, as 
well as for those in the Conditional 
Acceptance Program. Needless to say. 

she loves the contact with both stu- 
dents and faculty: 

"I've gotten to know students I 
would otherwise never have met, and 
I also understand the workings of the 
college better. There are a lot of ex- 
ceptionally devoted people on this 

And she should know about devo- 
tion. Committee work remains yet an- 
other of Mall's endeavors here at LSC. 
It's not hard to see how the soft, well- 
spoken intellect she possesses won her 
a chairmanship of the Student Devel- 
opment Committee this year. Not only 
does such a position afford her the 
exposure to students she so craves, 
but it also involves many personal 
revelations as well. 

"Frankly, very selfishly, I'm in this 
because it's fun!" 

Mall also serves on the 504 Com- 
pliance Comrhittee, whose purpose 
centers around ensuring building 
regulations to ease mobility for the 
disabled are met. Of her own handi- 
cap. Mall approaches it with the sensi- 
tive honesty artists so often strive to 
capture. Viewing herself as represent- 
ative of a number of minorities on 
campus, she says of her disability, "If 
I am accepting of it, and don't let it 
hinder me, then neither will my stu- 
dents." If wheeHng around campus in- 
spires just one student to push a little 
harder or fight a little longer, then 
Mall's handicap is not wholly without 
meaning. No bitterness. No jealousy. 
No hatred. Just a pure, unsullied de- 
sire to help others in positions similar 
to her own. 

We are fortunate to have one such 
as Mall in our midst. Coming to La 
Salle with a B.A. from Brooklyn Col- 
lege, a Master's from NYU, and a Ph.D. 
from the University of Illinois, she 
also held a teaching position at the 
University of Amherst. Not bad for a 
first job! But more than all the formal 
education and experience, it is the 
love and vitality with which she ap- 
proaches teaching that makes her so 
very special. Though stopping just 
short of calling it a philosophy. Mall 
regards contact on a personal level as 
the basis of her own instruction. She 
once hoped to make a little difference 
in someone's life. Well, she's made a 
big difference in the lives of hundreds 
of students who have passed through 
her classroom. 

For 11 years. Dr. Rita S. Mall has 
lent an aura of energy and determina- 
tion to the halls of La Salle. Her tal- 
ent, her love, her vibrance and her 
dedication have mingled to produce a 
harmonious composition that will ring 
throughout Olney Hall for years to 
come. You are an artist, Dr. Mall. 

Robert F. Polek, Chemistry; Max Barth, Chemistry; George M. Shalhoub, Chemistry 

Dr. Thomas McCarthy: 28 Years 

" ... it took me all of ten seconds to decide." 

With a smile, in response to the 
question, the native Bostonian 
leaned back in his chair as he gazed 
upwards pondering the question, 
"Well, in 1952 ..." he began. 

In 1952 Dr. Thomas McCarthy ap- 
peared on La Salle College's 
campus for the first time, seeking 
an interview for a position as teach- 
er. A graduate of the Catholic Uni- 
versity of America in Washington, 
D.C., this was Dr. McCarthy's first 
visit to the city of Philadelphia. 
With roots in the New England 
states, Massachusetts to be precise, 
Thomas McCarthy began a new ca- 
reer and a whole new life after his 
interview at La Salle. 

With a choice between remaining 
with the Central Intelligence 
Agency as a polygraph operator in 
Paris or staying in the United States 
as a professor at La Salle College, 
Dr. McCarthy stated, "there was no 
decision ... it took me all of ten 
seconds to decide." 

Thus, McCarthy took up his new 
position as Assistant Director of the 
Counseling Center and a teacher in 
the Psychology Department. From 
his first day on, in his new position, 
he felt "as though I really belonged 
here; I was made to feel as though I 
were really a part of the school and 
that feeling has never changed. I 
think that that's characteristic of La 
Salle and its students, faculty, and 

As director of the Counseling 
Center, McCarthy continued his 
psychological studies, seeking an- 
swers to such questions as what 
affects the student while studying 
outside the classroom, what makes 
a student successful, and what role 
parents play in the life of a student 
and his college career. He also had 
an opportunity to follow up on 
some of the material upon which he 
had been working before he en- 
tered La Salle. This material con- 
cerned the consultant practice he 
had maintained prior to teaching, 
and studied the psychological 
qualifications of religious personnel 
and how they became successful in 
their careers. 

In the meantime, he was married 

to his sweetheart from Washington, 
D.C. They set down roots in Phila- 
delphia and had a family, all of 
whom love the area. "We find 
Philadelphia just a magnificent 
place to be — culturally rich, splen- 
did people, it has a lot of advan- 
tages. Part of that is also just that 
the people of La Salle have made us 
feel so very much at home." 

Dr. McCarthy continued his work 
and studies at La Salle with only 
one brief sabbatical during which he 
published a manuscript and several 
other publications on his studies for 
others in his field of work to use as 
tools in their own research. His 
own findings further showed "the 
importance of including parents in 
the college decision process," and 
consequently this led to the in- 
clusion of parents in the orientation 
program at La Salle College. Further 
results showed a greatly decreased 
number of dropouts in the in- 
coming classes. 

In 1970 Dr. McCarthy was named 
Vice President of Student Affairs, 
the third individual to hold the po- 
sition. Immediately upon entering, 
he made several new and sig- 
nificant changes. 

As this was the advent to the 
entry of women to La Salle College, 
one of Dr. McCarthy's first tasks as 
Vice President of Student Affairs 
was to recruit a woman dean. How- 
ever, as he continued to look into 
this concern, Tom McCarthy real- 
ized that "we needed a dean who 
responded to the new students as 
people, not just women, but rather 
as individuals." Thus, the position 
of Dean of Student Development 
was created to fulfill the needs of 
the men and women on campus. 

Other changes allowed the stu- 

dents through the Student Govern- 
ment Association to choose their 
representatives to the various 
standing committees upon which 
students served. Student partici- 
pation and responsibility were also 
further encouraged by the creation 
of several new seats on committees 
for such representatives, increasing 
the ratio of students to faculty. 

Further changes occurred in 
financial aid programs. Dr. 
McCarthy, along with several oth- 
ers from LaSalle, proved most 
influential in having the In- 
stitutional Assistance Grant added 
to the PHEA grant. This grant pro- 
vided to students as aid submitted 
directly to the college; it has aided 
tremendously in allowing a greater 
number of students to attend this 
college. Dr. McCarthy, in this move- 
ment, organized educators and leg- 
islators to lobby for the bill's pas- 
sage. The bill did pass. 

The ideal of the position of Vice 
President for Student Affairs also 
changed under Dr. McCarthy. 
Moving from a paternalistic type of 
role, in which he advised students 
on a daily basis on activities and 
other matters, McCarthy also for- 
mulated the Director of Student Ac- 
tivities to handle this momentous 
task. In so doing he stated, "I tried 
to free myself to think, to plan, to 
look to the future. 

"I recognized the privacy of the 
student and attempted to recognize 
positive ways of making students 
develop, creating programs to 
guide them and help them find their 
own goals." Not only did the Vice 
President do this in his own posi- 
tion but he encouraged the increase 
in the number of athletic and aca- 
demic programs among other 

a 1 



things; there are now twenty-two 
inter-collegiate activities. Among 
these programs, women's sports had 
its birth and has continued to grow 
throughout the years. 

Dr. McCarthy has proved out- 
standing in his positions. His belief 
that "La Salle College is an educa- 
tional institution devoted to helping 
the individual grow in academic, 
personal, social, psychological, and 
religious ways" and his intention 
"to contribute to that" has been 
more than fully accomplished. He 
will continue to work towards 
"what will contribute most to stu- 
dent interaction and student-faculty 
relationships." Although he is now 
leaving the position Vice President 
of Student Affairs for a sabbatical 
in July of this year. Dr. McCarthy 
will return to La Salle to work in 
the graduate and counseling pro- 
grams of the college. He "will main- 
tain a continuing interest in devel- 
opmental plans for the college, such 
as more outdoor recreation fields, 

Dr. Thomas McCarthy is an out- 
standing man and we thank him for 
his years of devotion to La Salle 
College. Dr. McCarthy spoke of "the 
warm feelings I have of La Salle;" 
all its members too have warm feel- 
ings of him, bid him good luck in 
his new position and look forward 
to many more years with him. 

Andera L. Barkocy 


M. Matteo, Religion 

David P. Efroymson, Religion 


Br. William J. Martin, Religion 

Br. Edward Davis, Religion 



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lisate CQc^eGian 

ssaite CQikesian 

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ssae^ cotesian 




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.j« w»» t. - 

jivVj'' •'; v.^ 

. -■I'^yr 

- ^r 








1^^491 <ii£^ 





On the Road to 
Find Out 

Well, 1 left my happy home 
to see what I could find out 
I left my folk and friends 
with the aim to dear my mind out 
Well, I hit the rowdy road 
and many kinds I met there 
many stories toid me of the way to get there, 
So on and on I go, 
the seconds tick the time out, 
there's so much left to know 
And I'm on the road to find out 
Well, in the end I'Ji know 
But on the way I wonder 
through descending snow, 
and through the frost and thunder, 
I listen to the wind come howl, 
teiling me 1 have to hurry. 
I listen to the robin's song 
saying not to worry. 
Then J find myseJf aJone, 
hoping someone would miss me. 
Thinking about my home 
and the last women to kiss me. 
But some times you have to moan 
When nothing seems to suit you, 
but nevertheless you know 
you're locked towards the future. 
—Steven Georgio 

\ ..• 







Diane Moyer is La Salle's first full- 
fledged female superstar. Just a few 
years ago, it would have meant very 
little to be a female sports "star" at 
20th and Olney. The women on the 
athletes' dorm floor might have taped 
her pictures from the CoJlegian up on 
their bathroom door. Her parents 
would have been very proud, but al- 
ways would have made sure to in- 
quire about grades and boyfriends, be- 
cause sports were fine for young 
women, but they certainly could not 
build a life around them. 

A few years can make a big differ- 
ence. When Diane Moyer came to La 
Salle in 1976, the field hockey pro- 
gram was still in the developing 
stages. It had been around for a while, 
as had other women's varsity pro- 

grams at La Salle, but people finally 
discovered that in order to have quali- 
ty teams, you had to recruit players 
and offer scholarship incentives. That 
1976 team had two new scholarship 

players — Diane Moyer was not one. 
Moyer had been recruited as a basket- 
ball prospect and arrived at Hayman 
Hall via a basketball scholarship. In 
an ironic twist, Moyer was later to 

give up basketball at La Salle entirely, 
in favor of the hockey field. 

The steady improvement of La 
Salle's field hockey program parallels 
the path of Diane Moyer in her per- 
sonal achievements in the goalie cage. 
In her sophomore year, Coach Kathy 
Wear encouraged Moyer and a group 
of other Explorer hockey players to 
try out for the area club and collegiate 
all-star hockey teams. That was the 
initial springboard for Diane. After 
being chosen to play on a Phila- 
delphia regional team, the amiable 
Reading native was offered a shot at 
the biggest prize of them all - the 
United States touring team. Intensive 
training and drilling resulted in 
Moyer's selection for the team, the 
same squad that will represent the 
U.S. if the country qualifies for the 
1980 Olympic field hockey com- 

"Before I made the U.S. team, I had 
my whole four years of college 
mapped out," explains the best goalie 
in the nation. "Now I can't see a 
month ahead at a time." Playing on 
the United States team is a twelve- 
months-a-year proposition, and Diane 
never knows from semester to semes- 
ter whether she will be playing in 
Germantown or Germany. "It's made 
my life versatile but confusing," she 
notes. "I've learned to be flexible." 

While Moyer was rising to national 
recognition, the La Salle hockey pro- 
gram was glad to accompany her. The 
team rose from the lower reaches of 
the local scene to the top-seed spot in 
the nation in the Division II schools 
during Diane's tenure as goalie. "I 
guess I have helped hockey develop at 
La Salle," she says modestly. "But it 
was just pot luck - I was in the right 
place at the right time." 

This is the right time for women 
like Diane Moyer to make their marks 
in college athletics. After graduation 
from La Salle, Moyer will continue to 
play for the U.S. team, and will pur- 
sue her double interest in psychology 
and athletics in a graduate program in 
sports psychology. 

With her athletic and scholastic tal- 
ents (she declined a Rhodes Scholar- 
ship nomination in favor of playing in 
the country), Diane Moyer is a female 
superstar on the threshold of an ex- 
citing time for American women ath- 
letes. She stands to be La Salle's first 
proof that women can build a career 
and a life in athletics. And it's about 


I ; < • : 





Success was capped by: 

Post season trip to West Lafayette for 
NCAA Playoffs . . . 

First Team All-American Selection of Mi- 
chael Brooks who passed Tom Golaas all-time 
La Salle scoring leader. 

Lefty Irvin and his explorers brought new 
meaning to the phrase "Team Unity" 





^ ^ 


\ i 



Front Row: Ann Ermi, Ellen Malone, Kathy Bess, Cindy RomaneUi, Claire McArdle, Patti Dugan, Laura Frieze, Nancy Richards. Second 
Row: Regtna Ruoti (Manager), Cindy Weed, Maureen Kramer, Liz Crawford, Janice Olszewski, Sonia Cruz, Cheryl Holland (Assistant 
Coach), Linda Arcari Lastowka (Head Coach). 





Front Row: Diane Vitagliano. Joyce Lindinger, Claire McArdle. Mary Kaiser, Kathy McGaliey, Second Row: Vici Smith, 
Laura Frieze, Helen Neary, Liz McCabe, Barbra McGugan. Back Row: Kathy Wear (Head Coach), Diane Moyer, Cincy 
Ambruouso, Liz Crawford, Joann Weber, Mary Trautwein, Sandra Ritter (Assistant Coach). 




Front Row; Ann Marie Maming, Karen Walls. Pat Ryan, Barb Schwartz, Bernie Venor, Second Row: Kelly Walker, Bernie Gussin, 

Sharon Tavani, Trish DeAngelo. Anna Marie Costello, Mary DeGregorio. 

Back Row: Assistant Coach Sandy Ritter, Francine Calafati, Deanna Frizol, Monique Champagne, Pat DeAngelo, Bev Ryan, July 




Front Row: John Gobel, Mike Lunney, Dave Engle, Jeff Arrington, Tom O'Malley, Joe Ferkler. Back Row: Coach Steve Peters, Mark 
Bitting, Vince Pendergast, Steve Kennedy, Dominic Giovanetti, Tom Golden, Dom Rizzo, Manager Ellen Resinski. 




Front Row: Pat Kenney, Torn Boland, Jon Malpass, Tony Sherman, Ed Johnson, Glenn McDonald, Vince Tovey, Ed Waddington 
(Captain) Coach Gavaghan. Second Row; Joe Burns, Tom Zehren, John Kelly, Dana Jurich, George Malpass, Bryant Geating, Tom 
Callaham, Tom Huban. 






a. Mark 

Row; Al Dillon, Jerome, Bill Dix. 
Matt, Brian McDonough, Dwayne 
Toliuet, Steve Goldstein, Thomas 
Bonszack, Joseph Joyce, Dr. 
Richard Cohen. 


























- Ir- 

i- C-1 

. L 

4% "■■ " 

\ A 






^ :i 








Front Row: Kathy Heany, Jane Mammarella, 
Joanne Kovalchik, Eileen Tiernan, Maureen 
Kramer, Anne Bennis, Margaret Funf. Second 
Row; Lorraine Beatty, Janet Lobiondo, Hildie 
Muench. Chris Chyzowych, Bonnie Tokar, 
Margaret Beatty, Rosemary Barbera, Patricia 
Wolk, Ellen McCairns (Captain), Marge 
Kriebel (Coach) 



Front Row: Russ Bono, Tom Weitzel. 
Tom Connors, John Baker, John 
Amorim, Geoff Thompson. John 
McCarthy, Bob Matthews. Second 
Row: Bill Wilkinson, Paul McDermott, 
Joel Viechnicki. Jeff Wunder. Eric 
Engerth. Aidan Diviny. Pete 
Zimmermann, Bernie Tadley, Chuck 
Baxter. Back Row: Bill Wilkinson 
(Coach), John Kodluk, Bob Nelmes, 
Dimytro Kulchckyj, Greg Cowhey, 
John Friskey, John Tracey. Joe Diviny, 
Jeff Herman, Joe Kincaid, Joan Waters, 
Pat Farrell (Assistant Coach). 





Front Row: Mary Valko (Captain), Colleen Kelly, Kathy King, Mary Mullin, Jeannie Kern, Meg Lloyd. Back 
Row: Paul Katz (Head Coach), Kathy Chancier, Kelly Gallagher, Jane Snyder, Carol McLaughlin, Anne 
Foti, Kathy Smith, Cindy Richards (Diving Coach), Rob Halligan (Assistant Coach). 







The Explorer Yearbook 

Tom Rodden: Copy Editor 


Wendy Samter: Associate Editor 


Greg Nowak, Vice-President of Student Affairs; Mitch Katz, President; Andrea Barkocy, Vice-President for Public 
Affairs; Frank Haaz, Vice-President for Business Affairs; Brian McDonough, Vice-President for Academic Affairs. 

First Row: Bob Zarrilli, Steve Synder, Carol Louden, Ellen Reilly, Greg Nowak, Tom Ziemba, Dan Tanii, John Rossi. Second Row: 
Maureen McDonnell, Kathy Golden, Al DiGregorio, Ed Barr, Mark Faber, Theresa Moretta, Bernadette McErlean, Mike Kobol, Denise 
Maggetti, Jacky Alford, Andrea Cholewiak. Third Row: Dave Schmotzer, Karl Wenzel, Bob Stewart, Len Zimmerman, Chris Andreas. 


Front Row: Cathy Conklin, Wendy Samter, Karl Miller, Paul Bogart, Jane Woods, Joan Bove, Jeff Wolper, Monica Janke. Second Row: 
Alex Charyton, Jeff Fein, Beth Price, John D. Rossi. Last Row: Chris Pastore, Alex Rotinou, Pete Roscoe, Dave Latsky, Reginald King, 
Chris Lysionek (advisor), Larry Caparo. 

Sitting: Paul Bogart (Major Events), Monica Janke (Social), 

Standing: Christine Lysionek (moderator), Reginald King (Treasurer), Jeff Wolper 
(Services), John D. Rossi (Services), Wendy Samter (Secretary), Joan Bove (Vice- 
President), Karl Miller (President). 

The Masque 

First Row: Joan Howe. Mary Ellen Hernandez, Karen Murdock, Sue Chubik, Paula DeBerardinio. 
Second Row: Donna Curci, Kathy Rone, Robin Miller, Rasjhiya Harris, Angle Falcone, Pam 
WiUiams. Third Row: Bill Wakelee, Bill Cherry, John Murray, Paul Lodes, Stephen Sharp, Tom 
Ziemba, Jim Miccillef, George Stroup, Jim Mooney, Dennis Asselba. 


Lou Mosca, Pete Spina, Couleen 
Wydro. Michael D. Jones, Tom 
Rodden, Burt Langer, Allison Peacock, 
Virginia Barishek, Michael McShane. 
Ellen Reznik, Mike Girone. 


la Salle 


20th & OIney Avenue Pliiladelphia, Pa. 19141 

Beth Harper and 
Wall Baker f_^ Mogavero Mary Monlrella 

Busiruss Manager EdUors-In-Chief '^'"^ Editor 

Mary Ellen Dealy Neil Cohen Olane Barber 

Advertising Manager Managing Editor Features Editor 

Rob Gllman 
Photo Editor 

Neil Silverman 
Entertainment Editor 

NEWS STAFF: Nancy Burawski, Lou De Angelo, Rosemary 
Robinson, Peler Spina, Ken Cohen, Mary Ann Kratowkz, 
Nancy Everly, Tom Rodden, Mike Girone 
Virginia Barishek, Scott Faber, Joe Falcone, MarOyn Hause, 
Bob Pushaw, Kathy Sweeney, Allison Peacock, Ed Dlugosz, 
Burt Langer, Jim Uslin, Margie Meyers, Lori Kradzinski, 
Kate Dovgala 

SPORTS STAFF: Kimberly Adams, Andrea Collins, Joe 
Devine, Pat Donohoe, Mike Mosley, Dennis Pone, Joe 
Tracy, Mike Weick, Lisa Weiss, Colleen Wydro 

PHOTO STAFF: Dave Propis, Len Spearing, Ellen Reznl^ 
Diane Moyer, Michael Jones, Lou Mosca, Bob Motley, 
Yvonne Hayman 

CARTOONISTS: Steve Folberg, Michael Rosenbaum 

Linda Johnson 
Sports Editor 

Ihc La Salle Collegian b a newspaper run by Ihe students of La Salle 
College in PhUadelphia, serving the entire College Community. Letters are 
actepted for publication, provided that tbey are signed and typed, and do not 
exceed 300 »ors. EdHorials reflect a consensus of Ihe Editorial Board and 
are not necessarily the views of the college. Signed columns are Ihe opinions 
of the wrHers. 

Coiiegian Editors 

Front Row: Rob Gitman, Diane Barber, Beth Harper, Lee Mogavero. Back Row: Linda Johnson, 

Neil Silverman, Mary Ellen Dealy, Linda Johnson, Neil Cohen. 




Wexp Executive Board 

Front Row: Geri Motz, Reed Goldstein, Joanne Colmery 
Second Row: John Sherrie. Len Zimmerman, Karen 
Finocchiaro, Dan Kelly. Third Row: Guy Harris, Bob 
Windhaus, Dennis Gazak. 


La Salle 



Film Society 
& Tafford 

Dennis Gazqk, Guy Harris. Rob 
Serra. Alexandir Rotinov, 
Christopher Pastore, Mary Chris 
Razler, The Phantom, Fred 



Zeta Beta Tau 

Mike Boggi, Gene Eline, Mike Grinnus, Mark Talamona, Joe Margay, Steve Vasso, Mike Bodnar, Steve Zamorski, Kelly Leonard, Ed 
Peifer, John Rossi, Dave Wasserbach, Fred Gentile, Tom Ecart, Brian Gauhan. 


Sigma Beta Kappa 

First Row: Frank Mellon, Paul King, Mike 
Miulvidick, Tim Mahon. Si-ijonil Row; Vince 
Tovey. )of! Dovine, Rick Slaviinvvhito, C^huck 
Funk, Frank Oleykowski. ]o>: Ci'rvclloro, )oe 
Mahon. Third Row: Greg Valenle. Paul Fuhs, 
|ohn Hasson, Brian Francella, John Mintzer, 
Tom Deeresenle, Tommy Kearns, Tony 
DeNofa, Sam Pluramer, Ger Lutes. 

Delta Sigma 

First Row: Bob Kauffman, Pete 
McNamara, Rick Morrow, Second 
Row: Greg Rilley. Pat Delaney, 
Roger Niemczyk. Vince Melchiorre. 
Tom O'Mara, Larry Dimitri, Third 
Row: Pat Mulligan, Joe Sobotka, 
Dan Brennan, Bill Reed. Joe 

Sigma Phi 

Sitting and Kneeling: Paul Poiesz, 
Pete D'Orazio, John Fenton, Eugene 
Joyce, Mark Nowak, Mark Lahoda, 
Frank DeLuccia, Joe Lynch. John 
Dougherty, Jim Pierce, Joe Colon, 
Jim Palumbo, Jake Griffin. Pat 
Petillo, Ed Bianco. 
Standing: Mike Gallagher. Jim 
Carrigan, Jim Whelan, Ed 
Waddington, Brian Olshevski, Tim 
Clay, Joe Panchella, Bob Fischer, 
Mickey MacDonald, Bill Leone, 
Dave Rozanski. Steve Decino, John 
Persichetti, Joe ScanJon, Lou Roros, 
Mike Magnavita, Dave Greenfield, 
Jerry Lezynski, Bernie Farley. 


Phi Kappa 

First Row; Br. Joseph Burke, Paul Strus, Joseph 
Solimeo, James Neal, Ignatius Brett, Salvatore 
Catanzaro, Francis Healy. Second Row: Aidan Diviny, 
John Arnold, Christopher Trotter, Albert DiGregorio, 
James Bernier, Dennis Gregory. Third Row: Brian 
Donnelly, Robert Fabiszewski, Augustine Lodise. 

Alpha Chi Rho 

Lying Down: Kevin Diamond. First Row; Brian Pierce, Blase 
Drotar, Kevin Martin, Chris Felix, Tex Pfefferle, Second Row: 
Mike Sirois, Mark Shinn, Tom Connor, Jerry Wixted, Randy 
Matlack, Gerry Grover, Bob Woodruff, Ray Bowanni, John 
Spiewak, Br, Bill Martin. Third Row; George Megelsh, Ed 
Turner, Pete Newsome, Dan Marino. 

Tau Kappa 

Front; Brian McHale, Chris 
Crowe. Chris Serpico. Mike 
Contwell, Dave Anuszewski, 
Tom Smith, Terry O'Hara, 
Bob Lutz, George Tidwell, 
[oe Cassidy. Mike Prindible. 
Jim Staerk, Dan DeTullio, 
Chris Mulder, Matt Gaynor, 
Mike Connata, Tom 
Newman, Brian Adamski. 
Back; Tim O'Connor, Bill 
Walsh. Jim Keane, Pete 
Krenitsky. Jeff Hentz, |ack 
Schnider, Robert Scharle, 
Tom Bonsack. Joe Burns. Bill 
Mellen. John McCarthy. 

Phi Gamma Nu 

First Row: Sue McBride, Maryann Kratowicz, 
Marianne Steelman, Sandy Berman, Eileen 
O'Neill. Second Row: Elaine Geary, Vicky Allen, 
Karen Detra. Margie White. Kathy McAdams, 
Cheryl Travitz, Antoinette Ricci. Sharon Friel, 
Eileen Walsh. Third Row: Lorraine Beatty, 
Regina Rauscher. Diane Strockbine, Kathy 
Cherry. Betty Rostien. Sylvia Pokorni. 


Gamma Sigma Sigma 

First Row: Kathy O'Brien, 
Eileen Gillette, Kati Gibbons, 
Theresa DiLello, Sandy Foglia, 
Lori Stieffenhofer, Nancy 
Burawski. Second Row: Ann 
Marie Felici, Maura Brennan, 
Helene Parise. Third Row: 
Kathy Azzarano, Debbie 
Tonicho. Connie Cuper, Helen 
Kleschick, Beth Price, Elise 
Parker. Fourth Row: Kathy 
Franks, Bev Domzalski, Karen 
Finocchiaro, Karen Kilfeather, 
Grace Dovell. 

Lambda Chi 

Brian Mohahan, Brian Bentz, Pat Conville, Rob Gitman, 
Vince Prendergast, Ed Barr. 

Alpha Theta 

Top Row: Barb Guthrie, Marcia Handzel, Audrey 
Cantlin, Lois Carney. Second Row: Lorraine 
Zebryk, Darryl Landgraf, Janice Keenan. Mary 
White, Pat Waters. Third Row: Connie Fredricks, 
Joan Waters, Sue Altamore, Barb LeClair. Fourth 
Row: Liz Diehl, Pat Ryan, Barb Kelly. Fifth Row: 
Kathy McLaughlin, Jennifer Donohue, Dr. Charles 
Halpin. Kate White, Linda Mauro. Front: Barb 
Chimel, Debbie Delaney. 



Gavel Society 


Right to Life 


Sociological Society '^^-j 


Gallery Associates 

French Club 

Computer Science Club 



Phi Alpha 


Accounting Association 

Council for Exceptional Children 



President's Guard 


Alpha EpsiJon Delta 

Spanish Club 








Chyrnian Society 



Pi Delta Phi 



International Club 


Beta Alpha 





ji.^ ^ 





I, uridine Anne Beatly 

(iiirtird Joseph Bednar 

Janet Bense 

Brian R. Bentz 




BE» -^m 







Diana Gibson Barnes 


Ruth Ann L. Bean Thomas D. Beato 

Sandra Bermon 

John /. Bernhardt 


Barbara Birago 

James, B.S.. Accounting. 
B.S.. Marketing/Management, 

Addir, HfKina M., B.A., Sociul Work, Phila.. Pa., 

Social Work Association 
Adorns. Andrea. B.S.. Computer Science. Phila., 

Pa.. Alpha Sigma Lambda 
Aikins. Mor/yn. B.A.. Communications. Warrington, 

Pa.. Film Society 
Alien. Timothy J., B.S., Personnel and Labor 

Relations. Warminster, Pa., Industrial Relations 

Anderson. .Sandra H.. B.S.. Marketing, Phila.. Pa.. 

Marketing Association, Black Students League 
Andrews. Kathy Eileen. B.A.. Spanish. Phila., Pa., 

Spanish Club. Black Students League 
ArmeHini. Sondro. B.A.. Math/Computer Science, 

Phila.. Pa.. Math Club. Computer Science Club 
Ansley, Pauline. B.A., Criminal lustice/Soclology, 

Phila., Pa. 
AsseJto, Dennis A, B.S., Accounting, VIneland, N.[.. 

Austin. Edward J.. B.A.. Psychology, Phila., Pa.. 

Hockey Club 
Bachmon. Joseph 

Richboro. Pa. 
Boird. Stephen C, 

Phila.. Pa. 

Baker. EJiso. B.A.. Sociology. Phila.. Pa. 
Baker, Waller, Jr.. B.S.. Finance/English. 

Haddonfield. N.)., Collegian. Society for the 

Advancement of Management, Academic Affairs 

Bareis, Mary Beth, B.S,, Accounting, Phila., Pa., 

Accounting Association, Softball, Volleyball, 

Kappa Mu Epsilon 
Barishek. Virginia M.. B.A., English, Phila., Pa.. 

Grimoire, Collegian 
Barkocy, Andrea L, B.S., Accounting, Washington 

Crossing, Pa., Students' Government 

Association. Student Senate. Italian Club 
Barnes. Diana Gibson. B.S.. Marketing. Phila.. Pa.. 

Marketing Association, Phi Gamma Nu 
Barr, Edward M., B.A., Public Administration, 

Southampton, Pa., Students' Government 

Association, Open House Chairperson 
Barry, Nora. B.A.. Political Science. Narberth, Pa., 

Student Programming Association, Students' 

Government Association 
Bartkus, Deborah, B.S., Marketing/Personnel 

and Labor Relations, North Huntingdon, Pa., 

Barton. John J.. B.A.. English, Wyncote. Pa.. 

Basoro. James T., B.A., Biology. Phila.. Pa.. Alpha 

Epsilon Delta, Wargamers Club 
Baxter, Joseph R., B.S.. Marketing/Finance. Phila.. 

Bean. Ruth Ann L. B.S.. Marketing. Phila., Pa.. 

Students' Government Association 
Beato. Thomas D.. B.S.. Management. Phila., Pa.. 

Beatty. Lorraine Anne, B.S.. Marketing, Phila., Pa., 

Phi Gamma Nu, Volleyball, Marketing 

Bednar, Gerard Joseph. B.A., Psychology. Wilkes- 

Barre, Pa.. Residence Council. Student Trainer 
Bell. Wilham. B.A.. English, Phila., Pa. 
Bense, Janet, B.S.. Management, Phila., Pa.. 

Bentz. Brian R.. B.S.. Management. Warminster. 

Pa., Student Programming Association. Society 

for the Advancement of Management, 

Management Department Board 
Bermon, Sandra, B.S., Accounting, Wyncote, Pa., 

Accounting Association. Beta Alpha, Phi 

Gamma Nu 
Bernhardt, John J.. B.S., Marketing. Hatboro, Pa. 
Birago, Barbara, B.S., Accounting/Finance. 

Baltimore. Md.. Accounting Association, Beta 

Alpha, Intramurals. 


Jeffrey C. Boyer 



^^F'-V^ :^'l 

^ - - 

*^ ' i'^ 



Joseph A. Buivin 

Elaine A. Bradshaw 




Paul F. Brady 

Michael ]. Brennan 

John Buonornii 

Charles R. Brown 

John T. Capecc 

Paul Wode Capron 

Adrienne Caracciolo 

Eugene CareIJi 

John P. Carney 


Rande Carney 

Joseph Cassidy 

B/ounf, Gilda T.. G.A., Social Work, Phila., Pa., 

Drill Team, Caisson Club, Social Work 

Bogul, Craig, B.S., Finance, Cherry Hill. N], Tau 

Kappa Epsilon 
Bonanni, Raymond /.. B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa., 

Alpha Chi Rho, Inter-Fraternity Council, 

Students' Government Association 
Boone. William F., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa.. 

Borodevyc. Oleh B., B.A., English/Education, Phila.. 

Pa.. Ukrainian Club 
Borromeo, Bernadetle Marie H.. B.S.. 

Marketing/Management, Celon, Philippines, 

Marketing Association, International Club, 

Business Honors Society, Crew 
Borja, Edwin, B.S., Accounting. Phila.. Pa.. 

International Club, Swimming 
Boyd, Robin D.. B.A., Psychology. Phila.. Pa.. Black 

Students League 
Boyer. Jeffrey C, B.A., Criminal justice, Lancaster, 

Pa., Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Brady, Paul F.. B.S., Marketing, Phila., Pa., Ice 

Hockey Club 
Brennan, Michael J., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa., 

Beta Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Jazz Band 
Brown, Charles R., B.A., Social Work, Phila., Pa., 

Social Work Association 
Brown, Judith Kotz, B.A., Special Education, Phila., 

Pa., Council for Exceptional Children, 

Education Society 
Brown, Kenneth /., B.S., Accounting. Woodbury, 

Brown. Leron /.. B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Buck Barbara A.. B.S., Accounting, Phila.. Pa.. Beta 

Alpha, Business Honors Society, Students' 

Government Association 
Buivin, Joseph A., B.S., Management/Marketing, 

Shenandoah. Pa., Marketing Association 
Buonomo, John. B.A., Biology, Phila.. Pa. 
Burawski, Nancy, B.A.. Mathematics/Computer 

Science, Trenton, N.J.. Gamma Sigma Sigma. 

Collegian, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Explorer 
Burdziak, Andrew S.. B.S., Management, Phila., Pa. 
Burke, Michael Francis John, B.A., Political 

Science, Phila., Pa., St. Thomas More Law 

Society, Track. 
Buscio, Lea M., B.S.. Accounting, Phila.. Pa., Beta 

Alpha, Business Honor Society 
Buzby, Franklin S., B.S., Marketing, Phila., Pa. 
Byrne, Noreen Marie, B.S., Accounting, Upper 

Darby. Pa., Accounting Association, French 

Club, Track. 
Cain. Wallace M., B.A., Economics, Phila., Pa. 
Cantwell, Michael, B.S., Accounting, Delray Beach, 

Florida, Tau Kappa Epsilon, WEXP Radio 
Capecci, John T., B.S., Accounting/Finance, Phila.. 

Pa., Business Honors Society, Investment Club, 

Beta Alpha 
Capron, Paul Wade, B.S., Accounting, Warminster, 

Caracciolo, Adrienne, B.A.. Psychology/English, 

Yeadon, Pa., Gamma Sigma Sigma 
CareJli. Eugene, B.S., Finance, Phila.. Pa. 
Carney, John P., B.S., Marketing, Jenkintown, Pa. 
Carney, Rande P., B.A., Elementary Education, 

PhUa., Pa. 
Cassidy, Joseph, B.S., Accounting, Lancaster, Pa., 

Tau Kappa Epsilon, Beta Alpha, Intramurals 
Cerra, Fran, B.S.. Personnel and Labor Relations. 

Carbondale. Pa. 


Christine E. Dardis 

Kevin D. Davis 

Mary Ann Dean 

Louis P. DeAngleo 

Stephen C. DeAngleo 


Lisa Chmoures 

Susan M. Chubik 

Alliiio Ciccotelli 

Joanne Colmery 


Patricia M. Dajnowski Anne Mane Uambrockas 

Catherine M. Dei Giotto Beriot R. Dellale 

Ciierry, William /., B.A.. Biology, Huntingdon 

Valley, Pa., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Masque 
Cherubini, Perry Anthony, B.A., Elementary 

Education, Bridgeton, N.|., Residence Council 
Chmoures, Lisa, B.A.. Criminal Justice, Phila., Pa. 
Chubik, Susan M., B.S., Marketing, Camden, N.)., 

Masque, Residence Council, Track 
Clay, Timothy /on, B.A., Biology, Langhorne, Pa., 

Sigma Phi Lambda, Open House 
Clement, Geri, B.A., Sociology, Phila.. Pa., English 

Club, Sociology Club 
Cohen, Neil M.. B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa., Collegian, 

La Salle Singers, Hillel, Intramurals 
Collins, James L„ B.A., Geology. Phila., Pa.. 

Geology Club 
Colmery. Joanne, B.S., Accounting/Management, 

Glenside, Pa., Society for the Advancement of 

Management, WEXP Radio, Management 

Department Board 
Colston, Cordelia J., B.A., Criminal Justice, Phila., 

Comunale, Cheryl B.A., Math/Computer Science, 

Hammonton, N.J., Math Club, Kappa Mu 

Epsilon, Computer Science Club 
Connolly, James B.. B.S.. Management, Phila., Pa,. 

Connors. Thomas J.. B.A.. Criminal Justice. Phila.. 

Pa.. Soccer 
Conville. Patrick R, B.S.. Accounting, Phila., Pa., 

Beta Alpha, Accounting Association, Business 

Honor Society, Intramurals 
Corcoran, Kevin /.. B.A.. Psychology. Phila.. Pa.. Psi 

Chi. Psychology Department Board 
Corlies. Paul Michael. B.A.. Criminal 

Justice/Psychology. Phila., Pa. 
Carr, Alan D., B.A., Biology/Philosophy, Lowerock, 

Pa., Hillel, Alpha Epsilon Delta 
Coughlin. Michael P.. B.A.. Political Science. 

Warminster, Pa., Ice Hockey 
Coulter Jr., ftobert L, B.A., Political Science, Phila., 

Pa., Ice Hockey 
Coyne, John Kevin. B.A.. Psychology. Phila.. Pa.. 

Phi Kappa Theta. Crew 
Crane, Karen, B.A.. Special Education. Rochester, 

N.Y., Residence Council, Council for 

Exceptional Children, Tennis, Explorer 
Greighton, Juanita Holden, B.A.. Social Work. 

Phila.. Pa.. Social Work Association 
Crouthamel, Alice, B.A., Computer Science, 

Doylestovi'n, Pa., Computer Science Club 
Dajnowski, Patricia, M.. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. 

Pa.. Beta Alpha. Accounting Association 
Dambrockos. Anne Marie, B.A., 

Mathematics/Computer Science. Phila., Pa., 

Computer Science Club 
Dardis. Christine E,. B.A., Mathematics/Computer 

Science. Hatboro. Pa., Mathematics Club, 

Computer Science Club 
Davis, Kevin, D., B.S., Marketing, Phila., Pa., 

Marketing Association 
Dean. Mary Ann. B-A.. English. Glenside. Pa.. 

Track. Swimming 
De Angelo, Louis P., B.A.. Education, Phila., Pa., 

Education Society, Collegian 
De Angelo. Stephen C, B.S.. Accounting, PhUa., Pa., 

Beta Alpha, Accounting Association, Business 

Honors Society, WEXP Radio 
Dee, Alvin Y., B.S.. Management. Phila.. Pa.. 

International Club 
Dei Ciolto. Catherine M., B.A.. History, Phila.. Pa.. 

Softball. Intramurals 
Dellale, Beriot fi.. B.A.. Economics/International 
Studies. New York City. N.Y.. Residence 
Council. Karate Club 


Mary I. FaJbo 

George W. Fallon, /r. 

Dolores F. Foraldo 

Mary Ellen Farano 

Sharon A. Farley 


Eric E. Faunce 

Mark Fenichel 

Mark /. Fenstermaker 

De Luca, Denise M.. B.A.. German. Phila., Pa.. 

Italian Club 
D'Emilio, Lucil/o, B.A.. Psychology/Philosophy. 

Phila., Pa.. Psi Chi 
Dcslrafo, Joseph Michael, B.S., Personnel and Labor 

Relations/Management, Glendora, N.]., St. 

Thomas More Law Society, Industrial Relations 

Devinney, Laurence ).. B.S., Management. 

Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 
Dignam, John T., B.A., Psychology, Phila., Pa., Psi 

Chi, Psychology Department Board 
DiGregorio, Albert M., jr., B.S., Accounting. Phila.. 

Pa., Students' Government Association, Phi 

Kappa Theta, Gavel Society, Explorer 
DMarco, Claude /., B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa., 

Italian Club 
DiRenzo, Fronk Anthony, B.A.. Russian, Maple 

Shade. N.). 
Donnelly, Thomas M., B.A., Computer 

Science/Management. Bensalem, Pa., Computer 

Science Club. Jazz Band, WEXP Radio 
Donohue, Jennifer Ann, B.S., 

Management/Marketing. Neptune, N.J., Alpha 

Theta Alpha 
Dooner, Kathleen Ann, B.A., English/Education, 

Phila., Pa., English Club, Education Society, 

Dorfner. Susan Ellen. B.A., Political 

Science/Management. Cherry Hill. N.J., 

Intramurals. Crew, Masque. Hillel 
Dougherty. John A., B.S.. Finance, Croydon. Pa., 

Business Honor Society, Investment Club 
Dovgala, Katbryn, B.A., English, Trenton, N.J., La 

Salle Singers, English Club, French Club, 

Dronson, Maureen A., B.A., Mathematics/Computer 

Science. Lafayette Hill. Pa.. Computer Science 

Dugan, Joanne Bechta. B.A.. 

Mathematics/Computer Science. Phila.. Pa., 

Math Club, Computer Science Club, Nevkftonian 

Dugan, Maureen, B.A., Psychology. Meadovi^brook. 

Eagiello, Barbara, B.A., Criminal Justice. Dalton. 

Pa.. Cheerleading. Criminal Justice Honor 

Eby. James F., B.A.. English, Northampton, Pa. 
Edwards, Dwigbt E.. B.A.. Public Administration. 

Wyncote, Pa.. Political Science Association. St. 

Thomas More Law Society 
Eisen, Lori Charna, B.A.. Special Education, Phila., 

Erinoff. Jeffrey W., B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa., 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 
Everetfe, Jerome T., B.S.. Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Faber. Mark Robert, B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa.. 

Students' Government Association. WEXP 

Radio, Hillel. Mobilization for Survival 
Faber, Scott, B.A., Biology/Psychology, Phila.. Pa. 
Fagan, Jane M.. B.A.. Political Science. Phila., Pa.. 

La Salle Singers, Political Science Association, 

Students' Government Association 
FaJbo, Mary I., B.S., Accounting, Abington. Pa., 

Beta Alpha, Accounting Association 
Fallon. George W., Jr.. B.A., Accounting/Marketing, 

Phila., Pa., Deha Sigma Pi 
Faraldo, Dolores F., B.A., Criminal Justice, Phila., 

Farano. Mary Ellen, B.S., Management/French, 

Southampton, Pa., French Club, Language 

Department Board 
Farley, Sharon A., B.S.. Personnel and Labor 

Relations, Warminster, Pa. 
Faunce. Eric, E., B.A., Mathematics/Computer 

Science, Elkins Park, Pa., Kappa Mu Epsilon, 

Masque, Computer Science Club 
Fenichel. Mark. B.A., Psychology. Phila.. Pa. 
Fenstermaker, Mark J.. B.S., Marketing, Phila.. Pa., 

Business Honors Society 


Mary E. Gay 

Renoe C. Gentile 

Joan /. Geruson 

Anihony E. Giannefti Terri A. Giannone 


Gerald GiardineJIi 

Kathleen M. Gilbert 

Ferringo, Donna. B.A., Criminal )ustice. Phila., Pa. 
Fini. Marianne R., B.S., Accounting, Audubon, N.|.. 

Beta Alpha 
Finley. Mary Linda, B.A., Mathematics/Computer 

Science, Oroland. Pa.. Women's Center 
Fioravanli. MichaeJ 7'.. B.S.. Marketing, Phila., Pa. 
Fleck, Donna, B.S.. Management, Phila., Pa. 
Foiberg, Steven, B.A., Psychology, Abington, Pa.. 

HiUel, Collegian 
Foley, Kathleen A., B.A., Biology, Oreland, Pa., Jazz 
Band, Crew, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Phi Alpha 
Forgione, Stanley A., B.A., Communications, 

Willow Grove, Pa. 
FousI, Carlo Arthur, B.A.. Biology, Phila., Pa., Black 

Students League, Intramurals 
Fox, Michael. B.A.. Psychology, Hatboro, Pa. 
Fox, William J., B.S., Accounting, Trevose, Pa., 
Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha, Accounting 
Franchi, Richard, B.S., Marketing/Management, 

Newtown Square, Pa. 
Fronchetti. Thomas /., B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa., 

Track, Alpha Epsilon Delta 
Franco, Francesco, B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Freeman. Mark A., B.A., Criminal Justice, Phila., 

Pa.. Sociology Department Board 
Friedman, Kevin, B.S., Accounting, Wyncote, Pa., 
Beta Alpha, Business Honors Society, 
Accounting Department Board 
Friel, Sharon E.. B.S., Marketing/Management, 
Phila., Pa., Phi Gamma Nu, Marketing 
Fruehwald, Franz Nickolaus, B.S., Accounting. 

North Hills. Pa. 
Gale, Richard, B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Galiczynski. Stephen, B.A., Russian, Phila.. Pa., 

French Club 

Gangi, Gregory, B.A., Economics, Southampton, Pa. 

Gavin, Rosemarie C B.S.. Marketing/English, 

Mechanicsburg, Pa., Track, Business Honors 


Gaughan, Brian G., B.A., Psychology, Levittown, 

Pa., Student Security Patrol, Zeta Beta Tau 
Gay. Mary E., B.A., Social Work, Phila., Pa. 
Gauder, Linda Ann. B.S.. Accounting. Phila., Pa.. 
Beta Alpha, Accounting Department Board, 
Math Club, Business Honors Society 
Gentile, Renee C, B.A., Special Education, Phila., 

Pa.. Education Society 
Geruson. joon j., B.A., Special Education, Phila., 

Gionnetti, Anthony E., B.A., Psychology, Caldwell, 
N.J., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Student Programming 
Gionnone, Terri A., B.S., Finance, Phila.. Pa., 

Business Honor Society 
Giardinelli, Gerald. B.A., Mathematics, Phila.. Pa. 
Giarrocco, Vincent /., jr., B.S., Accounting, Phila.. 

Pa., Accounting Association 
Gilbert, Kathleen M., B.A., Special Education, 
Phila., Pa., Education Society, Council for 
Exceptional Children, Gamma Sigma Sigma 




Janice Hare 

Elizabeth G. Harper 

Linda Haschke 

Stephen T. HassaJi 

Marilyn /. House 


Roberl E. Groody Kenneth Michael Gustin Barbara Guthrie 

Catherine Ellen Hearn 

Monica A. Heck 

Margaret Henry 

Gillespie. CoWeen P.. B.A., Political Science. 

Glenside. Pa., Political Science Association, 

Explorer, Intramurals 
Gilliam, Rose M., B.S.. Accounting/Marketing, 

Phila.. Pa.. Black Students League. Students' 

Government Association, Urban Studies Board 
Gilmore. Diana. B.A., Special Education. Phila., Pa. 
Giordano. Francis J.. B.A.. Biology, Bensalem, Pa. 
Giordano, /ohn A.. B.A., Economics, Phila., Pa., Ice 

Hockey, Economics Club 
Gitman, Roberl Charles, B.A.. Public 

Administration. Wyndmoor, Pa.. Collegian, 

Explorer, Political Science Association 
Glowocki, Edward T.. B.A.. Biology. Phila., Pa.. Phi 

Sigma Kappa, Phi Alpha Beta 
Goldstein, Reed, B.A.. Psychology, Elkins Park, Pa., 

Hillel, Collegian, Psi Chi. WEXP Radio 
Goldstein, Steve, B.A., Biology, Phila.. Pa.. Tennis. 

Phi Alpha Beta. Alpha Epsilon Delta 
Gottlieb. Roberl, B.A., Biology, Phila.. Pa.. Hillel. 

Gray, /ohn T., B.S., Accounting/Finance, 

Huntingdon Valley, Pa, 
Green^'eJd, David /.. B.S., Accounting. Vineland. 

N.J.. Accounting Association. Sigma Phi Lambda 
Greenfield, Richard T., B.S.. Management, Phila.. 

Gregory, PoUicia M.. B.S., Accounting, Glenside, 

Pa., Beta Alpha 
Greway, Diane. B.A., Special Education, Drexel 

Hill. Pa.. Tennis, Basketball, Council for 

Exceptional Children 
Groody, Robert E., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa., 

Beta Alpha, Accounting Association, Business 

Honors Society 
Gustin, Kenneth Michael, B.A.. 

Mathematics/Chemistry, Lansdale, Pa.. 

Chymian Society. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Students' 

Government Association 
Guthrie, Barbara, B.A.. Spanish/Education. West 

Chester, Pa.. Intramurals, Spanish Club, Alpha 

Theta Alpha 
Haaz, Franklin, B.S.. Accounting/Public 

Administration. Phila.. Pa.. Students' 

Government Association 
Hagan. Michael, B.S., Accounting. Hatboro. Pa. 
Hale, Holly lee. B.A., Psychology. Gwynedd Valley, 

Pa.. Collegian. Explorer 
HoJpin. /ames ].. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 
Handzel. Marcia L.. B.S., Marketing, West Chester, 

Pa., Intramurals, Student Programming 

Association, Alpha Theta Alpha 
Hannum, Anne, B.A.. Political Science, North 

Wales, Pa.. WEXP Radio 
Harden. Vashti. B.A.. Sociology/Criminal Justice, 

Phila., Pa. 
Hare, Janice, B.A.. Psychology. Richboro, Pa.. 

Gamma Sigma Sigma. Psi Chi 
Harper, Elizabeth G., B.A., Public Administration. 

Lafayette Hill. Pa.. Collegian, Honors Board. 

Political Science Department Board. Beta Alpha 
Harris. Garrett W.. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 
Hoschke. Linda. B.A., Spanish. Auduben, Pa.. 

Spanish Club. Karate Club 
Hassall. Stephen T.. B.S.. Management. Phila., Pa.. 

Marketing Association. Society for the 

Advancement of Management 
House. Marilyn J., B.A., History, Delran, N.J.. 

Women's Center, Historical Society, Collegian, 

Phi Alpha Theta 
Heorney, Catherine Ellen, B.A., Religion/English, 

Trenton, N.J.. President's Guard. Spirit of '76 
Heck. Monica A.. B.A.. German/Russian. Phila.. 

Pa.. German Club. Academic Affairs 

Henry. Margaret, B.A.. English. Phila.. Pa.. Masque 


Kurk M. Kanaskie 

John Kane, F.S.C. 

Theresa B. Kane 

Kcliiopi J. Karras 

Paui S. Karsevar 


Raymond Hofelder 

Brian Hoffman William A. 14ofmann, III 

David Alan Kotz 

Judith Katz 

Mitcheli E. Katz 

Herlihy, Brother Richard, F.S.C., B.A.. 

Sociology/Religion. Phila., Pa. 
Hermon, Anthony C. B.S., Accounting. Phila., Pa. 
Hicks. Arthur W., Jr.. B.S.. Accounting, 

TurnersviUe. N.|., Baseball, Beta Alpha 
Higman, Charles, B.S.. Marketing/Management, 

Phila., Pa. 
Hill, Janice A., B.A., Religion/English, Phila.. Pa.. 

Religion Department Board, English Department 

Board, Women in Church and Society 
HiJJman, Kathryn, B.A., Special Education, Phila., 

Pa., Gamma Sigma Sigma, Education Society, 

Council for Exceptional Children 
Himes, Dorothy A.. B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa., Alpha 

Epsilon Delta, Mobilization for Survival 
Mines, Mary Anne, B.A., History, Medford, N.]., 

Historical Society, Phi Alpha Theta. Women's 

HinkJe, William John, B.S., Finance, PhUa., Pa., 

Finance Department Board, Investment Club 
Hoffman, Brian. B.A.. Biology/ Philosophy. Phila., 

Pa., Phi Sigma Tau, Newtonian Society, Rifle 

Hofmann, William A., Ill, B.A.. Biology, Phila., 
Hunter, Raymond, B.A., Criminal Justice, Elkins 

Park, Pa.. Baseball 
Hutchens, Clifford W., B.A., Education/History, 

Phila., Pa., Sigma Beta Kappa 
Ibe, John J., B.A.. French/English, Phila., Pa. 
Jackson, Michael Francis, B.A., Psychology, Phila.. 

Jackson. Robert L., B.S., Accounting , Phila., Pa. 
James, Sharon E.. B.A., Special Education, Phila., 

Jandl. Kalmon E., B.A., Computer Science. Willow 

Grove, Pa., WEXP Radio 
Jannelli, Peter A., B.A., Criminal Justice, Phila., Pa., 

Jelen, Melanie A., B.A., Enghsh/Education, Phila., 

Pa., Education Society. English Club, Athletic 

Dept. Watergirl 
Johnson, Louise, B.A.. Criminal Justice, Phila., Pa. 
Jones, Toni, B.S.. Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Jordan, Denise C B.S.. Finance. Phila.. Pa.. Spirit 

of '76, Black Students League 
Kahrimanian, Martin, Jr., B.S., Accounting, Phila.. 

Kalkbrenner, Debra Ann, B.A.. Psychology, Phila.. 

Kanaskie, Kurt M., B.S., Accounting. Enola. Pa., 

Kane, John, F.S.C., B.A., Political Science, Phila.. 

Kane, Theresa B.. B.A., Special Education, Phila., 

Pa., Field Hockey, Council for Exceptional 

Karros, Kalliopi J., B.A., French/Education, Phila., 

Pa., French Club 
Korsevor, Paul S., B.S., Accounting, Wyndmoor, 

Pa., Hillel 
Katz, David Alan, B.A., Biology, Phila.. Pa., Track, 

Katz. Mitchell E.. B.S., Accounting. Phila., Pa., 

Students' Government Association. Beta Alpha, 

Accounting Department Board, Student 

Development Committee 


William David Kushner 

Angela A. Lagocki Mark Stephen Lahoda 

ulienne F. Lambert 

/oseph Lawlor 


Katz, Puulu Torri. B.A.. Special Educuliuri, Chdlcm- 
ham, Pa . . . Equestrian Team. Education So- 
ciety, Council for Exceptional Children 

Kaujfman, Robert G'., B.S.. Marketing/Management, 
Phila., Pa., Delta Sigma Pi. Society for the Ad- 
vancement of Management, Marketing Associ- 

Keegon, Shaun F., B.A.. Criminal ]ustice, Phila., Pa. 

Keenan, Maureen, B.A.. English. Bryn Mawr. Pa.. 
English Cluh 

Kelleher, Daniel /., B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa.. 
Accounting Association 

Keller. Ernest Frank. Ul, B.A.. Criminal lustice. 
Phila.. Pa.. Sociology Department Board 

Kelly. Colleen J.. B.A., French, Wildwood Crest, 
N.|.. French Club, Student Programming Associ- 
ation, Intramurals 

Kelly, Eileen, B.S., Accounting, Freehold, N.J.. Resi- 
dence Council. Residence Hall Advisory Board, 

Kern. Jeannie. B.A.. Political Science. Monroeville, 
N.J.. Field Hockey. Swimming. Alpha Theta Al- 
pha. Political Science Association 

Kerner, Michael B., B.A.. Geology. Phila., Pa., Geol- 
ogy Club 

Kilfeather, Karen C, B.A.. English, Phila., Pa.. Gam- 
ma Sigma Sigma. English Club 

King, Leon Collingsworth, B.A.. Criminal Justice. 
Phila.. Pa., WEXP Radio 

King. Mary, B.A.. Fine Arts, Phila.. Pa., Athletic 
Dept. Watergirl. Explorer, Intramurals 

King, Paul M.. B.A.. Psychology, Phila., Pa.. Sigma 
Beta Kappa 

Klein. William P., B.A., Sociology/Criminal Justice, 
Levittown. Pa. 

Kova, Maria K., B.A, Public Administration, Phila, 
Pa., Political Science Association, Tennis, 
Equestrian Team 

Koch, Patricia M., B.A. Mathematics/Computer Sci- 
ence, Norristown, Pa.. Math Club. Computer 
Science Club, Newtonian Society 

Korcz, Judith A., B.A.. Psychology, Phila., Pa., Psi 
Chi, Equestrian Team 

Kramp, Douglas Edward, B.S., Accounting, Ebens- 
burg. Pa. 

Kranick, Richard, B.A.. Physics, Phila.. Pa.. New- 
tonian Society, Rifle Team 

Kraus, Ingo S., B.S.. Finance, PhUa.. Pa., Investment 
Club. Finance Board. Business Honors Society 

Krebs, Paula M., B.A.. English. Pennsauken. N.J.. 
Collegian, Women's Center, English Department 
Board, Honors Board 

Kresloff, Mark Richard, B.A.. Biology. Cherry Hill. 
N.J.. Phi Alpha Beta, Tennis. Masque 

Krel, Linda G., B.A.. Special Education. Phila.. Pa.. 
Council for Exceptional ChUdren. Education So- 
ciety. Hillel 

Kuhc, Richard. B.A., Mathematics/Computer Sci- 
ence. Phila.. Pa. 

Kushner, William David, B.A., Political Sci- 
ence/Public Administration, Lafayette Hill, Pa.. 
Collegian, Hillel, Political Science Club, Tennis 

Lagocki, Angela. A., B.A.. Mathematics/Psychology, 
Phila, Pa. 

Lahodo, Mark Stephen, B.A., Econom- 
ics/Psychology, Cinnaminson, N.J.. Sigma Phi 

Lambert. Julienne F., B.A.. Special Education, 
Phila.. Pa., Council for Exceptional Children, 
Masque, Women's Center 

Lawlor, Joseph, B.S.. Finance. Secaucus. N.J. 

Letts. Joseph Patrick, B.S.. Management/Marketing, 
Drexel Hill, Pa., Management Department 
Board, Marketing Association 

Levin, Ronald M.. B.A., Biology. Phila.. Pa.. Phi 
Alpha Beta. Alpha Epsilon Delta 

LicoJIi, Joseph L.. jr., B.S.. Marketing/Personnel and 
Labor Relations, Phila.. Pa., WEXP Radio. Alpha 
Chi Rho, Society for the Advancement of 

Joseph Patrick Letts 

Ronald M. Levin 

Joseph L. Licolli, Jr. 


Francis }. Maxwell Katbryn M. McAdams 

Claire M. McArdle 

Dorotfiy M. McBride 

Robert j. McBride 


James Malatesta 

Anne M. Mamienski Antonio Jose Manaia 

/oseph W. Materci 

Mork /. Mtitfheivs 

Linda M. IVIauro 

ik^ dkm )^m 

Gary E. McCafferty 

Martin McCarthy 

John /. McCJoskey 

Lindinger, (oyci; Ann, U.S., Accounting/ Personnel 

and Labor Relations, Halboro, Pa., Field 

Hockey, Softball, Residence Council 
Lindsay, James G.F.. B.A., Psychology, Clifton 

Heights, Pa.. Psi Chi, Respect Life, Political 

Science Association 
Lo Cicero, Salvutore, B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Lonorgan, Michoe/ J., B.S., Marketing, Phila., Pa. 
Longo, Robert J., B.A., Computer Science, Phila., 

Pa., Computer Science Club, Math Club. Kappa 

Mu Epsilon 
Louden, Carol M., B.S.. Marketing/Management. 

Phila., Pa.. Students' Government Association, 

Italian Club, Students Organization Commission 
Ludovici, Marianne, B.A., Special Education, 

Churchville, Pa.. Track, Intramurals, Alpha 

Theta Alpha 
Lynch, Michoei James, B.S.. Accounting. Phila., Pa. 
Lynn, Bernadelte M., B.A., Criminal Justice. 

Marlton. N.|., Explorer. Residence Council 
Lynn. Roseann. B.A., Criminal Justice, Lafayette 

Hill, Pa.. Sociology Department Board. Criminal 

Justice Honor Society 
Lytle. George, B.S., Management. Cherry Hill, N.J. 
Mackle, Thomas, B.S.. Management, Willow Grove. 

Madell, Charfene Marie. B.S., Accounting, 

Jenkintown, Pa. 
Maguire, Maureen Elizabeth, B.S.. 

Accounting/Political Science. Phila.. Pa.. 

Political Science Association. Accounting 

Maher, William James, B.S., Management/Finance, 

Hampton, Virginia, Business Honors Society. 

Society for the Advancement of Management 
Malatesta. James. B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Mamienski, Anne M.. B.A.. Religion. Phila.. Pa.. 

Sacristin-Campus Ministry, Religion Department 

Manaia, Antonio Jose, B.A., French/English. Phila.. 

Marchetti. Robert J.. B.S.. Accounting/Finance. 

Hazleton, Pa., Residence Council. Students' 

Government Association, Beta Alpha 
Morgevicius, Therese M . , B.A.. 

Mathematics/Computer Science, Roslyn, Pa., 

Tennis. Computer Science Club. Math Club 
Marino, Domenic Alfred. Jr.. B.A.. 

Sociology/Psychology, Clarksboro. N.J., Tau 

Kappa Epsilon. Residence Council. Inter- 
Fraternity CouncU 
Martino, John Joseph. B.S.. Finance, Phila.. Pa.. 

Finance Club, Investment Club, Industrial 

Relations Commission, Society for the 

Advancement of Management 
Martorelli, Linda, B.S.. Accounting. PhUa.. Pa., Beta 

Alpha. Accounting Association, Business Honors 

Matera, Joseph W., B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa.. 

Beta Alpha. Accounting Association, Business 

Honors Society 
Matthews, Mark J.. B.S.. Marketing, Phila., Pa.. 

Marketing Association. Phi Kappa Theta, St. 

Thomas More Law Society, Investment Club 
Mauro, Linda M., B.A., Psychology/Personnel and 

Labor Relations, Phila., Pa.. Alpha Theta Alpha, 

Psi Chi. Volleyball, Explorer 
Maxwell, Francis J.. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 
McAdams, Kathryn M., B.S., Personnel and Labor 

Relations/ Management, Phila.. Pa.. Phi Gamma 

Nu, Business Honors Society. Industrial 

Relations Commission 
McArdle. Claire M.. B.A.. Criminal Justice. 

Broomall. Pa.. Field Hockey, Basketball, 

Residence Council 
McBride. Dorothy M., B.A., Social Work, Phila.. Pa., 

Gamma Sigma Sigma. Social Work Association 
McBride. Robert J.. B.A.. Social Work. Phila.. Pa.. 

WEXP Radio 
McCafferty, Gary E.. B.S.. Management. Comwells 

Heights. Pa. 
McCarthy, Martin, B.S.. Accounting. Phila., Pa. 
McCioskey. John J.. B.A.. Biology, Huntingdon 

Valley, Pa.. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Alpha Chi Rho 


Denise McCoUum 

John W, McEvoy. |r. Mary Susan McGinley 

Robert McKain Mariann Maureen McKee 

mM ^M ^^ 

Kevin P. McNally Kevin P. McNichoias James R. McTear 

Michaf^l G. Medvidik George Michael Megelsh 

Albert Melone 

Christopher G. Mendla 

Nedra Merritt 

Robert H. Miche) 

Cynthia M.F. Miller 


Theresa Mary McDonniHi Brian McDonough Anne Mary McElroy 

^ilKt ^^m 

Edward /. McGinnis Brian Gerard McHale John T. Mclnerney, /r. 

/odi Beth Miller 

Matlhew M. Miller Reginald A. Miller, I/J 

McCool. Timolhy, B.S.. Accounting, Cheltenham, 

McDevitI, Margaret A., B.S,, Personnel and Labor 

Relations, Phila., Pa., Marketing Association 
McDonnell, Theresa Mary, B.S., Personnel and 

Labor Relations, Phila.. Pa. 
McDonough, Brian, B.A., Biology/English, 

Villanova, Pa., Tennis, Students' Government 

Association, Collegian, WEXP Radio 
McElroy, Anne Mary, B.S., Accounting, Wyndmoor, 

Pa.. Accounting Association 
McEvoy, /ohn W., /r., B.S., Management, Vineland. 

N.J., Society for the Advancement of 

Management. Residence Council 
McGinley. Mary Susan, B.A.. Criminal Justice, 

Brant Beach, N.J., Alpha Theta Alpha 
McGinn, Michael John, B.S., 

Marketing/Management, Phila., Pa.. Ice Hockey, 

Phi Kappa Theta 
McGinnis, Edward /., B.A., Criminal lustice, Phila., 

McHale, Brian Gerard, B.A., Public Administration, 

Morristovifn, N.J., Residence Council 
Mclnerney, John T., Jr., B.A., Psychology, Phila., 

Pa., Phi Kappa Theta 
McKoin, Robert Michael, B.A., Political 

Science/Public Administration, Phila., Pa., St. 

Thomas More Law Society. Political Science 

Association, Marketing Association 
McKee, Mariann Maureen, B.A., Art History, Phila., 

McKenna. John, B.A., Mathematics/Education. 

Phila., Pa. 
McKoskey, Foster J., B.A., Economics, Phila, Pa. 
McLaughlin, Andrew Michael, B.A., Special 

Education, Drexel Hill, Pa. 
McNabb, Marcella, B.A., English, Haverford, Pa., 

English Club, Equestrian Team 
McNally, Kevin P., B.A.. Mathematics, Phila, Pa. 
McNicholas, Kevin P., B.S., Marketing, Phila.. Pa. 
McTear, James R., B.S., Management, Phila.. Pa. 
Medvidik, Michael G., B.S., Accounting, 

Warrington, Pa., Sigma Beta Kappa 
Megelsh, George Michael, B.A., Political Science, 

Phila., Pa., Alpha Chi Rho 
Melchiorre, Vincent, B.A., Criminal Justice, Phila., 

Melone, Albert, B.S., Marketing, Phila., Pa., Italian 

Mellon, Francis W., B.S., Personnel and Labor 

Relations, Phila., Pa., Sigma Beta Kappa 
Melnyk, Anna, B.A.. Psychology, Phoenixville, Pa., 

Residence Council, Ukrainian Club, Psychology 

Department Board 
Mendlo, Christopher G., B.S.. 

Management/Marketing, PhUa., Pa. 
Merritt, Nedra, B.A., Economics/Finance, PhUa., 

Pa., Investment Club, La Salle Singers, 

Academic Affairs Committee, Student Economic 

Michel, Robert H., B.A., Biology, Horsham, Pa. 
Miller, Matthew M.. B.A., Mathematics/Education, 

Phila., Pa. 
Miller, Cynthia M.F., B.A., Social Work, Phila.. Pa., 

Social Work Association 
Miller. Jodi Beth, B.A., Special Education, King of 

Prussia, Pa., Hillel, Grimoire, Women's Center 
Miller, Reginald A., Ill, B.A.. Sociology/Personnel 

and Labor Relations, Pleasantville, N.J., 





Thomas f. MuUin 

Richard E. Naids 

Christopher Murphy 

Andrew JVl. Nathans Gordon F. Nathans 


John M. Nicoio 

Diane Nocito 


EiJeen Mary Moriarty John Paul Morone Richard G. Morrow, Jr. 

Nancy NoJan 

James Charles Noonan 

Charles Norfleet 

Miller, Richard J., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa., 

Accounting Association 
Mirsch, Fredric L., B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa. 
Misczak, John, B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa. 
Mitchell, Lisa M., B.S., Marketing, Phila., Pa., Black 

Students League, St. Thomas More Law Society 
Mogavero, Leona, B.A., Political Science, Phila., 

Pa., Gavel, Collegian, Political Science 

Department Board 
Moiyneou.x, Maribel Waldo, B,A,, English/Liberal 

Arts, Drexel Hill, Pa., Women's Center. English 

Monahan, Brian D., B.S., Marketing, Churchville, 

Monlell, Denise, B.A., Special Education, Phila., 

Pa., Council for Exceptional Children, Academic 

Affairs Commission, Explorer, Education 

Montrella, Mary J., B.A,, Chemistry, Oreland, Pa., 

Collegian, Chymian Society, Alpha Epsilon 

Monzo, Carol A.. B.A., Psychology, Phila., Pa. 
Moore, Cheryl L, B.S., Accounting/Marketing, 

Phila., Pa., Investment Club, Black Students 

Morano, Francis E., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Moriarty, Eileen Mary, B.A., Social Work, Media, 

Morone, John Paul, B.S., Personnel and Labor 

Relations/Management, Phila,, Pa. 
Morrow, Richard G., Jr., B.S., 

Accounting/Management, Phila., Pa., Beta 

Alpha, Management Department Board, Society 

for the Advancement of Management, Delta 

Sigma Pi 
Moyer, Diane M., B.A., Psychology, Laureldale, Pa., 

Field Hockey, Softball 
MuUarkey, Elizabeth, B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa., 

Gamma Sigma Sigma, Accounting Association, 

Italian Club 
MuJIer, Caren Marie, B.A., Spanish, Phila., Pa. 
Muller, Linda Anne, B.A., Psychology, Huntingdon 

Valley, Pa. 
Mullin, Mary A., B.S., Finance, West Chester, Pa., 

Alpha Theta Alpha, Field Hockey, Swimming, 

Residence Council 
Mullin, Thomas J., B.S., Marketing, Morris Plains, 

N.J., Residence Council 
Murphy, Christopher, B.S., Management, Medford, 

N.J., Ice Hockey, Intramurals 
Murphy, Valerie L., B.A., English/Education, Phila., 

Pa., English Club, Education Society 
Murray, John, B.A., Computer Science, Blue Bell, 

Pa., Masque, Collegian 
Musumeci, Maria, B.A., Special Education, Phila., 

Naids, Richard E., B.A., Biology, Southampton, Pa., 

Tennis, Collegian, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi 

Alpha Beta 
Nathans, Andrew M., B.S., Accounting, Pipersville, 

Nathans, Gordon F., B.A., History, Phila., Pa. 
Nicola, John M., B.A., Psychology, Phila., Pa., Phi 

Kappa Theta 
Nocito, Diane, B.A., Special Education, Delran, N.J., 

Cheerleading, Residence Council, Intramurals, 

Baseball Manager 
Nolan, Nancy. B.S., Quantitative Analysis, Hatfield, 

Pa., Business Honors Society, St. Thomas More 

Law Society 
Noonan, James Charles, B.A., Political Science, 

Phila., Pa., Political Science Association, St. 

Thomas More Law Society, French Club 
Norfleet, Charles, B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa., Beta 

Alpha, Basketball 


Patrick Glenn Pefiilo 

Michael Petrocik 

Constance A. Petroni 

/ohn Pierce 


John R. Pierce 

Sharon Cindy Plotnick 

SomueJ W. PJummer 

O'Orien, Katherine F., B.A., Political Science, 

Churchville, Pa.. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Political 

Science Association 
O'Connell, Lisa M., B.A.. Criminal Justice, Elkins 

Park, Pa., Sociology Department Board 
ODonnell, John M., B.S., Marketing. Phila.. Pa., 

ODonne/i, Mary A., B.A., Special Education, Phila., 

Pa.. Education Department Board, Council for 

Exceptional Children 
O'DonnefJ, Theresa C, B.A.. Social Work. Phila.. 

O'Hora. Laurie Ann, B.A.. Psychology. Halboro, Pa. 
O'Hara, Terence K., B.S., Accounting, King of 

Prussia, Pa., Residence Council, Tennis, Tau 

Kappa Epsilon 
O'NeiU. Joseph P., B,A., Political Science/ Public 

Administration, Phila., Pa., Phi Kappa Theta, 

Political Science Association 
O'Neiil, Thomas V., B.S., Accounting, Phila.. Pa. 
O'Sul/ivan, Roberl T., B.A., Biology, Chalfont, Pa., 

Crew, Phi Alpha Beta 
O'Tooie, Maureen, B.A., Social Work, Phila., Pa., 

Social Work Association 
Oxenreiter, John David, B.S., Accounting, 

Pittsburgh, Pa., Accounting Association, 

Palermo, Peter A.. B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa., La 

Salle Singers 
Poone, Maryjane Dixon, B.A., Political Science/ 

Public Administration, Bristol, Pa., Residence 

Council, Track, St. Thomas More Law Society, 

Political Science Association 
Parker, Grace, B.S.. Accounting, Phila., Pa.. Black 

Students League, Accounting Association 
Patterson, Vivian E., B.A., Social Work, Phila., Pa., 

Social Work Association 
Pavluk, Marina Ann, B.S., Personnel and Labor 

Relations/Management, Norristown, Pa., 

Business Honors Society, Collegian, Industrial 

Relations Commission 
Peberdy, Mary Ann, B.A. Biology, Oreland, Pa., 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 
Peirce, Donna Marie, B.A., Political 

Science/Economics, Southampton, Pa., 

Economics Club, Track, Explorer 
Penny, Stephen, B.A., Chemistry, Chalfont, Pa.. 

Chymian Society, Intramurals 
Pero, Marian, B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Pero, Dottie, B.A., Special Education, Phila., Pa.. 

Gamma Sigma Sigma, Education Society, 

Council for Exceptional Children 
Perry, Colette Lisa, B.A., English/Communications. 

PhUa., Pa. 
Perry, Mary Beth, B.A., Special Education, 

Levittown, Pa., Psi Chi, Council for Exceptional 

Peterson, Vera S., B.A., Criminal Justice, Phila., Pa. 
PetifJo, Patrick Glenn, B.A., Psychology, Asbury 

Park, N.J.. Sigma Phi Lambda 
Petrocik, Michael, B.A.. Mathematics, Phila., Pa. 
Petroni, Constance A.. B.A., Education/Psychology. 

Glassboro, N.J., Psi Chi 
Pierce, Brian. B.S., Accounting, Vineland, N.J., 

Alpha Chi Rho, Collegian, Explorer 
Pierce. John, B.A., History, Phila., Pa., Phi Alpha 

Theta, Historical Society, St. Thomas More Law 

Pierce. John R.. B.A., Computer Science, Maple 

Glen, Pa. 
P/olnick, Sharon Cindy, B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa. 
Plummer, Samuel W., B.S.. Finance/Marketing, 

Johnstown, Pa., Sigma Beta Kappa, Investment 



^Mi ^M ^iM 

Murk P. Robbins 

Charles /. Robinson Jeanne LaVerne Robinson 

Rosemary Robinson 

CynOiia HomuneJli 


Colleen Marie Romano 

Dean Anthony Rosini 

Anthony L. Rossello 

I'oiesz. David T.. B.A.. Economics/Financn, Klkins 

Park. Pii.. Omicron Delta Epsilon 
Poicsz. /ohn, (r.. H.S.. Finance. Darby. Pa.. 

Invfistmonl Club. Veterans (Mub 
Pone. Dennis A.. B.A.. English. Trenton. N.j.. 

Soccer. St. Thomas More Law Society. Collegian 
Prendergnsl. Vincent ].. B.S.. Accounting. 

Warminster. Pa.. Accounting Association. 

Accounting Department Hoard. Collegian. Beta 

Price. Fliznbelh A., B.A.. Political Science. North 

Hills. Pa.. Student Programming Association. 

French Club. Political Science Association. 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 
Pr/ndible. Michael H.. B.S.. Accounting. 

Steubenville. Ohio. Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Prinzo. Vincent Anthony. B.A.. Psychology. 

Norristown. Pa. 
Propis. David Michael, B.A.. Computer Science. 

Phila.. Pa,. Hillel. La Salle Singers. Computer 

Science Club 
Pvle. Joseph. B.A.. Special Education. Cherrv Hill. 

■ N.I. 
Rabinowifz. Marc S.. B.A.. Biologv. Phila.. Pa.. Phi 

Alpha Beta. Hillel. WEXP Radio 
Rampulla. Richard Anthony. B.A., Chemistry, 

Easton. Pa. 
Rakoczy. Chrystyna Maria. B.A.. Biology. Phila.. 

Pa.. Ukrainian Club. Phi Alpha Beta 
Rakus. Daniel T., B.S.. Finance/Religion. Phila.. Pa.. 

Alpha Chi Rho 
Rauscher. Regina M.. B.S.. Marketing. Phila.. Pa.. 

Phi Gamma Nu. Marketing Association 
Rayzis. George John. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 
Recigno. David. B.S.. Management. Willow Grove. 

Pa.. WEXP Radio 
Reed. William Jeffrey. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa.. 

Delta Sigma Pi. Beta Alpha. Accounting 

Association. Business Honors Society 
Heibold. Paul N.. B.S.. Accounting. Hatboro. Pa.. 

Swimming. Diving 
Reilly. John. B.S.. Finance. Phila.. Pa.. Investment 

Club. Business Honors Society. Intramurals 
Reznik. Ellen. B.A.. Sociology. Phila.. Pa.. Hillel. 

Ricci. Antoinette T.. B.S.. Management/Personnel 

and Labor Relations. Phila., Pa.. Phi Gamma Nu. 

Society for the Advancement of Management. 

Italian Club 
Richter. Barbara Katharina. B.A.. 

Mathematics/Computer- Science. Maple Shade. 

N.J.. Computer Science Club. Newtonian Society 
Riehs. Dorothy Anne, B.S.. Accounting/Finance. 

Elkins Park. Pa.. Accounting Department Board. 

Business Honors Society 
Riley. Leo. B.S.. Management/Marketing. Lafayette 

Hill. Pa.. Residence Hall [udicial Board 
Rilley. Gregory. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 
Rittler. Daniel /.. |r.. B.S.. Accounting/Finance. 

Phila.. Pa. 
Robb. Gregory G.. B.A.. Criminal Justice. Phila.. Pa.. 

Ranger/Recondo. Track. Phi Beta Sigma 
Robbins. Mark P.. B.A.. Biology. Southampton. Pa.. 

Phi Alpha Beta. Alpha Epsilon Delta 
Robinson, Charles, |.. B.S.. Accounting, Phila., Pa., 

Delta Sigma Pi 
Robinson, Jeanne La Verne, B.A.. Social Work, , 

Phila.. Pa.. Black Students League, Social Work 

Robinson, Rosemary, B.A.. Public Administration, 

Phila.. Pa.. Collegian. Hunger Task Force 
Romanelli. Cynthia. B.A.. Criminal Justice, Colwyn, 

Pa., Basketball 
Romano, Colleen Marie. B.A.. English/Philosophy. 

Conshocken. Pa.. Philosophy Club. Education 

Society. English Club 
Rosini. Dean Anthony, B.S.. Finance/Marketing. 

Phila.. Pa. 
Rossello. Anthony L.. B.S., Finance. Phila.. Pa. 


Thomas A. Scott 

Ann Seiberiich 

AM :;^ 

Patricia A. Shapiro 

D. Stephen Sharp 

John J. Sherrie 

Jamie L. Shore 

Dean A. Shui). Ill 


Alfonso Solazar 


Robert M. Scanlon Kenneth John Schauder Steven M. Schiff 

Mary Schummer 

Paul T. Schwab 

John W. Schwartz 








Nadine Severino 

Karen Signorella 

Rosaleen M. Sikina 

Neil S. Silverman 

Rolhwarf, Richard F., B.A., Psychology, Phila.. Pa. 
Rourkr;, William ?., B.S.. Accounting. Cherry Hill. 

Rudan. Thomas. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 
Rupp. Romaine, B.A., Computer Science. Phila.. 

Pa.. Computer Science Club 
Ruoti, Regina Coeli. B.A.. English. Phila.. Pa.. Field 

Hockey. Softball Intramurals 
Ryan. Pal. B.S.. Accounting. Doylestown. Pa.. 
Masque. Residence Council. Student Senate, La 
Salle Singers y 

Rybczyk. Denise. B.S.. Accounting. Phila., Pa., Beta 

Alpha. Equestrian Team 
Salazar. Alfonso, B.A., History/Public 
Administration. North Syracuse. N.Y.. Soccer, 
History Honors Society. Residence Council 
Saraceno. John f.. B.S.. Accounting/Marketing. 
Phila.. Pa., Sigma Phi Lambda, Accounting 
Association, St. Thomas More Law Society, 
Marketing Association 
Sauler, Gerald A.. B.A.. English. North Syracuse. 

N.Y.. Residence Council 
ScaWy. Robert /.. B.S.. Personnel and Labor 
Relations. Phila., Pa.. Society for the 
Advancement of Management. Evening Student 
Scanlon. Robert M.. B.A-. Computer Science. Phila.. 

Schauder. Kenneth /ohn. B.S.. Accounting. 

Huntingdon Valley. Pa. 
Schiff, Steven M.. B.A.. Special Education. 

Langhorne. Pa. 
Schmader. /oanne. B.S., Management, Bryn Mavvr. 
Pa., Student Programming Association, Film 
Schueler, Peter E.,, B.A.. Mathematics/German. 

Phila.. Pa.. German Club 
Schummer. Mary. B.A.. Psychology. Phila.. Pa.. 
Students' Government Association, Psi Chi. 
Schwab. Paul T.. B.S.. Accounting. Phila., Pa. 
Schwartz, John W.. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 
Scott Thomas A., B.S.. Marketing. Phila.. Pa.. 

Marketing Association 
Seiberlich. Ann. B.S.. 
Analysis. Hatboro. Pa.. 
Hockey. Intramurals 
Senske. fohn. B.A., Mathematics/Education, Phila.. 

Serpico. Christopher, B.A.. Political Science/Public 
Administration. Southampton. Pa., Residence 
Council, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Masque 
Severino. Nadine. B.A., Computer Science. Cherry 

Hill. N.J.. Math Club. Computer Science Club 
Shapiro. Patricia A.. B.A.. Political Science. 
Camden. N.|.. Gavel Society. Political Science 
Association, St. Thomas More Law Society 
Sharp, D. Stephen. B.A.. English/Education, Phila.. 

Pa.. Masque 
Sherrie. /ohn /.. B.S., Finance/Management, Phila.. 
Pa.. WEXP Radio. Business Honors Society. 
Investment Club. Finance Department Board 
Shore, /amie L.. B.A.. Biology. Wyncote, Pa.. WEXP 

Radio, Hillel 
Shull, Dean A.. ///, B.S.. Marketing, Phila.. Pa. 
Sikina. Rosaleen M.. B.S.. Management. 
Doylestown. Pa.. Marketing Association. Society 
for the Advancement of Management 
Silverman. Neil S.. B.A.. Biology. Phila.. Pa.. Gavel. 
Alpha Epsilon Delia. Biology Department Board, 

Accounting/Quant itat ive 
Residence Council, Field 


Sandra Slaughter Marion M. Slawiatynsky 


^M Aa. 

Edward Smith 

Thomas R. Smith 

Theodore H. Sobieski 

Joseph John Sofaofka 

/ohn A. Solori 


Greg Stubblefield 

James R. Styles 

Martin Thomas Sullivan 

Joseph /. Sweeney 

Kathleen E. Sweeney 



John W. Sliner 

David P. Smelfzer 

Angela Marie Smith 

^k (t< 

James Swizewski 

Henry P. Sydnor 

Joseph C. Szlanic 

Simpson, HohrrI /!.. U.S., Ai:i:r)iinlinj<. SprinKficld, 

Sirovo, Mir.hnlinu M., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa., 

Until Alpha, Accounting Association. Business 

Honors Socinly 
.Sirois. Mif.hoei, li.A., (Jomputnr Science. Mnriden, 

Oonn.. Alpha Chi Rho 
Shiendzie/eivski. Dolnrns A.. B.A., Philosophy, 

Phila., Pa., Philosophy Club 
Skinner, Dcimon. B.A.. C;ommunications. Phila.. Pa., 

WI-;XP Radio 
,S/niighler, Samlni. B.A.. Psyc^holoKy/Religion, 

Phila., Pa. 
,S/fiwiotynsky, Morion M., B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa., 

Ukrainian Club 
Sfiner, |ohn W., B.A., Chemistry, Phila., Pa., 

Chymian Society 
SmeKzer, David P., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa., 

Beta Alpha, Business Honors Society, 

Smith, Angela Marie, B.S., Management, Phila., Pa. 
Smith, Edward, B.S., Personnel and Labor 

Relations, Havertown, Pa. 
.Smith, Thomas R., B.S., Marketing, West Colls. 

Hgts., N.J., Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Sobieski, Theodore H., B.A.. Geology. Phila.. Pa.. 

Geology Club 
Sobolkn, Joseph John, B.S., Accounting, King of 

Prussia, Pa., Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha, 

Business Honors Society, Intramurals 
So/ari, John A., B.A., Psychology, Willow Grove, 

.Spearing, Leonard M.. B.A., Special Education, 

Warrington, Pa., Collegian, Explorer 
Spina, Peter C, B.A., Economics, Phila., Pa., Jazz 

Band, Collegian, Pep Band, Omecron Delta 

Spires, Charles E., Jr., B.A., Criminal Justice, Phila., 

Stanford, Aaron James, B.S., 

Management/Marketing, Phila., Pa., Black 

Students League 
Stankovich, Rosemarie A., B.A.. Computer 

Science/Mathematics. Phila., Pa., Kappa Mu 

Stein, Ronald R., B,S.. Accounting. Phila., Pa. 
Stephens, Katherine M., B.S., Accounting, Lafayette 

Hill, Pa.. Accounting Association 
Stofanik. Deborah M., B.S., Accounting/Finance. 

Phila., Pa. 
Strecker, Regina, B.A.. Mathematics/Computer 

Science. Phila.. Pa.. Math Club. Computer 

Science Club 
Stribling, Evelyn T, B.A.. Sociology, Phila.. Pa. 
Strobe). Michael Scott, B.S., Marketing, 

Cinnaminson, N.J.. Marketing Association, Pep 

StubbJefieJd, Greg, B.A.. Fine Arts/Religion. Phila., 

Styles, James R., B.S., Marketing, CoUingswood, 

N.J.. Tau Kappa EpsOon. Residence Council. 

Intramurals, Inter-Fraternity Council 
Sullivan, Martin Thomas, B.S., Accounting, Phila,, 

Pa., Beta Alpha, Accounting Department Board, 

Accounting Association 
Sweeney, Joseph J., B.S.. Management/Marketing. 

Sweeney. Kathleen E., B.A.. Biology. Canfield. 

Ohio. Academic Affairs Commission. Collegian. 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 
Swizewski. James. B.A.. Psychology. Phila.. Pa. 
Sydnor, Henry P., B.A.. English/Communications. 

Phila.. Pa.. Intramurals. Black Students League 
Szlanic, Joseph C., B.S., Finance/Management, 

Phila., Pa. 


Harriet T. Washinglon Gaii Marie Watkins 


Gregory ]. Watson 

Richard Charles Janet Waters Webb 

Watson, /r. 

Szymczak. (oAnne M., B.S., Personnel and Labor 

Relations, Phila., Pa. 
Theilaeker, Rosemary C, B.A., Special Education, 

Media. Pa. 
Theveny, Daniel C, B.A., Psychology, Phila., Pa. 
Thomas, David S.. /r„ B.S., Accounting/Finance, 

Black Students League, Business Honors 

Society, Investment Club 
Tiberi, JVlario P., B.S., Accounting, Collingswood, 

N.|., Beta Alpha, Jazz Band 
Tidwell, George, B.S., Management/Quantitative 

Analysis, Hammonton, N.I., Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Tidinger. Christian ].. B,S., Marketing, Phila., Pa.. 

Marketing Association, Business Honors Society 
Tokar, Teresa M., B.S., Marketing/Management, 

FeasterviUe, Pa., Residence Council, Marketing 

Toliver, Dwayne Matthew, B.A.. Criminal Justice. 

Washington, D.C. 
Tonetta, Mary, B.A.. Chemistry, Vineland, N.J., 

Chymian Society 
Tonningsen, Tare Ann, B.S., Personnel and Labor 

Relations/Marketing, Matavvian, N.}., Crew, 

Cheerleading, Residence Council, Explorer 
TraJie, Joseph /.. B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Tronolone, Ellen Ann. B.A., English/Education, 

Richboro, Pa., English Club, Education Society 
Trotter, Kevin M., B.S., Accounting, Hatfield, Pa. 
Trucker, Frederic, B.S., Accounting, North Hills, 

Pa., Political Science Association, Hillel 
Tysak, Theodore, B.A., Chemistry, Phila., Pa., 

Chymian Society 
Vaiko, Mary Carole, B.A., German, Doylestown, 

Pa., Svifimming, Track 
Van Thuyne, Joseph T., B.S., Management, Phila., 

Venuto, Sal, B.S., Management/Marketing, 

Vineland, N.J., Student Security Patrol 
Wa;da, David A., B.S., Accounting, Cinnaminson, 

WaJdinger. Christina H., B.A., German, Phila., Pa. 
Walker, Joanne M., B.A., Public Administration, 

Phila., Pa., Political Science Association, Gaelic 

Society, St. Thomas More Law Society 
Walsh, Ann Marie, B.A., Art History, Phila., Pa., 

Gallery Associates 
Walsh, John James, B.S., Management, Phila., Pa. 

Walsh, John Joseph, B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa., 

Blue and Gold Club, Marketing Association, 

Accounting Association 
Walters, Tim, B.A., English/Management, Phila., 

WaJush, Paul J., B.S., Marketing/Management, 

Phila., Pa., Society for the Advancement of 

Management, Marketing Association 
Washington, Harriet T, B.A., Psychology, Phila.. 

Pa., Black Students League 
Watkins, Gail Marie, B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Watson. Gregory /., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Watson, Richard Charles, Jr., B.A., Computer 

Science/Management, Holland, Pa., Computer 

Science Club, Students' Government 

Webb, Janet Waters, B.A., Psychology, Phila., Pa- 
Black Students League 


Margaret /. White Denise Williams 

Valerie Denise Williams 

Michael Joseph jo y\nn Wilson Kathleen A^ Winter 


Michael Ira Wunsch Maureen A. Young Cheryl A. Yurkanin 

Allen Jeffrey Zellner Loretta Mary Zwolak 

Gerald Widmann 

Wells, Eva Marie, B.A., Chemistry, Phila., Pa. 
Whelan, James P., B.A., Psychology, Holland, Pa., 

Explorer, Sigma Phi Lambda 
White, Cheryl Lynn, B.A., Social Work, Phila., Pa., 

Students' Government Association, Social Work 

White, Margaret J„ B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa., 

Accounting Association, Phi Gamma Nu 
Williams Denise, B.A., Spanish/Social Work, 

Upper Darby, Pa. 
Williams, Valerie Denise, B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa., 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 
Williamson, Michael Joseph, B.S., 

Finance/Marketing, Cinnaminson, N.J., 

Residence Council 
Wilson, Jo Ann, B.S., Finance/ Accounting, Phila.. 

Pa., Investment Club 
Winter, Kathleen A., B.A., Special Education, 

Phila., Pa., Alpha Theta Alpha 
Wunsch, Michael Ira, B.S., Marketing, Phila., Pa. 
Young, Maureen A., B.A., Psychology, Holland, Pa., 

Yurkanin, Cheryl A., B.A., Psychology/Computer 

Science, Levittown, Pa., Spirit of 76, Psi Chi, 

Computer Science Club, Caisson Club 
Zellner, Allen Jeffrey, B.A., Mathematics, Phila., 

Pa., Math Club, Computer Science Club, 

Commuter Coalition 
Zwolak, Loretta Mary, B.A., History, Phila., Pa., 

Phi Alpha Theta, Historical Society, History 

Department Board 


Seniors Not Pictured 

Buehinsky, David R.. B.A., Chemistry. Andover. Ma. 

Bechtadugan. |o<inne. B.A., Mathematics/Computer Science, Phila., Pa. 

Beg/ey, William K. ///. B.S., Marketing. Feasterville, Pa. 

Benson, Raymond H,, B.S.. Management. Cherry Hill, N.|. 

Bird, Van S., |r., B.A., Criminal justice, Phila., Pa. 

Blulslein. Russe/I M., B.S.. Accounting, Rydal, Pa. 

Bonner. Eric A.. B.A., Criminal [ustice, Phila., Pa. 

Borja, Edwin D., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Borock, Barbara C, B.A,, Criminal justice, Huntingdon Valley. Pa. 

Boyce, John /., B.A., Education/English, Phila., Pa. 

Browner, James R., B,S., Personnel and Labor Relations, Phila.. Pa. 

Brondi, Chris G., B.A.. Biology. River Edge. N.j. 

Brown. Michael E., B.S„ Accounting, Pennsauken, N,|. 

Bucci, Peter A,, B.S., Accounting, Flourtown, Pa. 

Burke, Martin Leo. B.A,, Criminal justice, Plymouth Meeting, Pa, 

Burke. Michael T.. B.S.. Management. Phila.. Pa. 

Butler. F. Pauletle. B.A.. Computer Science. Phila., Pa, 

Butler, Steven S., B.S., Finance. Phila.. Pa. 

Capozzi. Elizabeth A.. B.A.> Psychology. Norristown, Pa. 

Carp, John j., B,S., Personnel and Labor Relations, Oakford, Pa. 

Calherman, Geroldrne, B.A., Psycholog>'. Phila.. Pa. 

Ciccotelli. Attilio. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 

Cirofesi. Lisa M.. B.A.. Psychology. Phila.. Pa. 

Coady. Robert /.. jr.. B.S.. Personnel and Labor Relations. Phila., Pa. 

Coffee. Roberta, B.A.. Sociology. Phila.. Pa. 

Conlow. John M,. /r.. B.A.. Political Science. Phila.. Pa. 

Corcoran. Rita, B.S., Accounting, Phila,, Pa. 

Coulter, Douglas F„ B.A., Computer Science, Phila,, Pa, 

Crump, Edward Walter, B.A.. Criminal Justice, Phila,, Pa, 

D'Angelo, Maria C. B.A.. Music/Psychology, Phila., Pa. 

Davis, George B.. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 

Day. Charles M.. B.A.. Education/Spanish. Phila., Pa, 

Delullio, Daniel /., B.S., Business Administration, Millville, N.J. 

Dicicco, David D., B.S., Management/Marketing, Phila.. Pa. 

Direnzo, Sue Ann M., B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa. 

Donahue. Gerard /.. B.S.. Management. Phila., Pa. 

Donahue. John M.. B.A.. Communications, Phila.. Pa. 

Donegon. John F.. B.S.. Accounting. Haddonfield. N.J. 

Donovan, Kevin Charles, B.A., Psychology, Phila., Pa. 

Dunleovy, fames /.. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 

Endler. Bruce D., B.A.. Music, Copperas Cove, TX. 

Evans, Jeanne f., B.A., Education/English, Dallas, Pa. 

Everett, Susan, B.A., Biology, Trenton, N,J. 

Falzetfa, Brian f., B.A., Psychology/Criminal Justice, Egg Harbor City, N,| 

Federico, Robert R., B.A., Psychology, Phila., Pa. 

Felder. Donald Leonard. B.A., Psychology/Philosophy, Phila., Pa. 

Fenichel. Mark. B.A.. Psychology. Phila.. Pa. 

Fenik. Peter f.. B.A.. Biology. Phila.. Pa. 

Fish. James E.. B.S.. Finance. Brooklavi'n. N.J. 

Fisher. Dorothy L., B.A., Accounting, Cornwells Heights, Pa. 

Foley, George F., B,S,, Finance, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 

Forgione, Norma I., B.A., Spanish, Phila,, Pa. 

Funk. Charles M., B.S.. Accounting. Levittown, Pa, 

Gallagher, Daniel J., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa, 

Gorman, Nora K. Reti, B.A., Computer Science, Ivyland, Pa. 

Gavin. Lynn M.. B.A.. Social Work. Upper Darby. Pa. 

Gelman, Jaime }., B.A.. Biology. Haddonfield. N.J. 

Glauser, Gary M., B.A.. Mathematics. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. 

Goodwin. Mark R.. B.A.. Biology. Coopersburg. Pa. 

Gribbin, John V.. B.A.. Political Science. Phila., Pa. 

Grugon, Rosemary, T., B.S., Accounting, Runnemede, N,J. 

Guerin, Daniel T., B.A.. Mathematics/Computer Science. Levittovi'n, Pa. 

Guerin. Stephen L., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Halos, Nancy/., B.A., Chemistry, Phila., Pa. 

Hondlin. Francis A., B.S.. Marketing. Elsmere. De. 

Hofelder. Raymond, B,A., Mathematics/Finance, Phila.. Pa. 

Hogan. Maureen M., B.A., Biology. Phila., Pa. 

Johnson, Marcia. B.A.. Criminal Justice. Phila.. Pa. 

Johnson. Selvin, A.. B.S.. Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Jones, Anthony T.. B.S.. Management. Phila.. Pa. 

Jones. Christine, B.S., Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 

Jones. Williaw P.. B.A., Art. Phila.. Pa. 

Joyce. Thomas P., B.S., Marketing, Phila., Pa, 

Kapuscinski, Frank, B.A., Psychology, Phila., Pa. 

Kotz, Judith, B.A., Education, Elkins Park, Pa, 

Keetey, Philip H., B,S., Marketing, Phila., Pa. 

Kelly. John A.. B.A.. Mathematics. Phila., Pa. 

Kelly, Robert F., B.S.. Finance/Quantitative Analysis. Richboro. Pa. 

Kendrick. Earlene. B.A.. Criminal Justice, Phila., Pa. 

Kenney. fames F., B.A.. PoUtical Science, Phila., Pa. 

Khalid, Syed M., B.S.. Management. Phila.. Pa. 

Knoll, Kenneth James, B.S., Quantitative Analysis, Phila., Pa. 

Korman, Cecilia R., B,A.. English. Glenside. Pa. 

Kremer, Patricio. B.A.. History. Cornwells Heights. Pa. 

Krenilsky. Peter /., B,A., History, Peckville, Pa, 

Krimmel, Mary Margaret, B.A., Secondary Education, Churchville, Pa. 

Krzeminski. John, B.S., Finance. Phila.. Pa. 

Lapergola, Bruno /., B.S., Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 

Leone, William J., B,A,, History, Nyack, N.Y. 

Lewis. William S.. B.S., Management, Phila., Pa. 

Li, John F,, B.A., Psychology/Management, Lansdale, Pa. 

Linnemann, Thomas M,, B.A., Biology. Phila., Pa, 

Little, John H., B.A., Criminal justice, Phila., Pa. 

Locher, Scott W., B.S„ Management/Marketing, Phila,, Pa. 

Lopresli. Raymond A.. Jr.. B.A.. Psychology. Phila.. Pa. 

Lutz, Kathleen, B,A„ Secondary Education, Warminster, Pa, 

Lyons, Mario C, B.A., German/Education. Phila., Pa. 

Mogee, Janice L„ P.A., Psychology/Personnel and Labor Relations, 

Cinnaminson, N,J. 

Mahon, Joseph J.. B.A.. English. Churchville. Pa. 

Moloney. Catherine. B.A.. Religion. Phila.. Pa. 

Manders. Mark D.. B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Man,sjield, Richard, B,A., English, Cherry Hill, N.j. 

Marks, Phyllis Maria, B.A,, Elementary Education, Willow Grove, Pa. 

Martin, Edmund F., B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa. 

Martucci, Mjchael, B.A., Biology, Phila.. Pa. 

Matthews. Anne E.. Secondary Education. Phila.. Pa. 

McCarthy. John. B.A.. Criminal justice. Phila.. Pa. 

McColloum. William B.A.. Psychology. Southampton. Pa. 

McCulliss. Ann M.. B.A., Social Work. Blue Bell, Pa. 

McDonald, Denise J., B.A., History, Phila., Pa. 

McForlone, Jane, B.A., Englisti/Education, Southatripton, Pa, 

McK/nley, Robert f., B.S.. Accounting/Finance. Phila.. Pa. 

Menser. John David. B.A.. Mathematics. Telford. Pa. 

Miller. Karl. B.A.. Political Science. Phoenixville. Pa. 

Minerva, Louis Michael. B.S.. Marketing. Berlin. N.j. 

Mitchell. James. B.A.. Criminal Justice. Phila.. Pa. 

Montgomery. Edward F., B.S.. Finance. Phila., Pa, 

Moore, Bernadette, B,A,, Chemistry, Camden, N,j, 

Moore, Mary Ellen, B.A., Secondary Education, Absecon, N,J. 

Moron, Robert P., B,S.. Management. Drexel Hill. Pa. 

Morris. Elizabeth. B.S.. Accounting, Woodbury, N.J. 

Morrison. Thomas W.. B.A.. Biology. Warminster. Pa. 

Mulder. C. Christopher. B.S.. Accounting. Vineland. N.j. 

Murphy, Edward A.. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa, 

Myers, Dolores f., B,A., Secondary Education, Richboro, Pa. 

Neumer, Richard B,, B.S,, Accounting, Phila., Pa, 

Nocentino, Robert M., B.S.. Marketing. King of Prussia, Pa. 

Norton, Paul I., B.S., Management/English, Glenside, Pa. 

O'Connor. Martin J,. B.A.. Criminal justice. Lansdowne. Pa. 

O'Leary. David B., B.A., Economics, Levittown. Pa. 

Oleykowski, Francis, B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 

Olisky. Bridget M.. B.S.. Personnel and Labor Relations, Sayre, Pa. 

Orlando, Kathleen, B,S,, Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Oswalt, Sharon J., B.A., Secondary Education, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Palesano, Susan D., B.S., Marketing, Phila., Pa. 

Parsons, George M., B,A., Chemistry, Merchantville, N.J. 

Poul, Denise M., B.A., Psychology, Willow Grove, Pa. 

Pizzi, Michael C,, B.S.. Accounting. PhUa.. Pa. 

Polin, Carol, B.A., French/Spanish, Melrose Park, Pa. 

Pontarelli, Sr. M.T.. B,S.. Management. Elkins Park. Pa. 

Powell, William Joseph, B,A„ Psychology, Phila.. Pa. 

Procario. Stephen J.. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 

Quirk. Harry Edward. B.S.. Marketing/Personnel and Labor Relations. 

Warminster, Pa, 

Reid, Michael D., B.A., Secondary Education, Phila,, Pa. 

Reiners, David W,, B,S,, Finance, Phila,, Pa, 

Rowan, Maureen, B.A.. Political Science, Warminster, Pa, 

Russi, Michael J,, B,S,, Marketing, Phila.. Pa. 

Samuels, Allen, B.A., Biology, Phila., Pa, 

Sonislo, Robert F„ Jr.. B.S., Personnel and Labor Relations, Berlin, N.j. 

Savage, William J„ B.S., Accounting, Phila.. Pa. 

Scott, Trevor A., B.S., Finance. Phila.. Pa. 

Serwo. Paul J., B,A., Political Science, Phila,, Pa. 

Shinners, Glen A., B.S.. Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Shivers, Gory R., B.S., Marketing/Finance. Mantua, N.J. 

Shore, Bernard A., B,S., Accounting, Merion, Pa. 

Shtofman, Robert, B.A., Political Science, Phila., Pa. 

Signorello, Karen A., B.S,. Marketing. Pennsauken. N.J. 

Sinn. George H.. B.S.. Accounting. Warrington. Pa. 

Slauenwhite. Richard. B.S.. Marketing, Enfield, Ct. 

Smith, Victor E.. B.A.. Criminal Justice. Phila., Pa. 

Snyder, Gerard T, B.A., Biology, Yardley, Pa. 

Souka, Robert S., B.S.. Accounting. Levittown, Pa. 

Spain, Mark, B.S,, Finance, Phila., Pa. 

Speaker, Peter J., B.A,, English, jenkintown. Pa. 

Spruance. Russell A., B,A., Criminal Justice, Phila., Pa. 

Stanzione. Dennis. B.S., Management, Phila., Pa. 

Stewart, Michael R., B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 

St. John. John F.. B.A.. Computer Science. Levittown. Pa. 

Stroman, Edward. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 

Subotich, Carole A.. B.A.. Mathematics, Phila., Pa. 

Thaponodilok, Rachada, B.S., Accounting, Phila,, Pa. 

Thompson, Geoffrey f., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Thompson, Vincent C B,A,, English/Education, Phila,, Pa, 

Trowbridge, fames G., B,A.. Sociology, Norristown, Pa. 

Vorters, Leonard, B.S., Management/Personnel and Labor Relations, 

Phila., Pa, 

Word, Michael J., B.S.. Management. Phila., Pa. 

Wosko, Joseph J,, B.A.. Political Science. Chester Springs Pa. 

Wood. Lisa Fabrizio. B.A., Mathematics/Computer Science, Phila,, Pa, 

Zefelippo, Sergio, B,A,, Education/Mathematics. Phila.. Pa. 





Frank Hanlon, BA. 

A member of the faculty since the inception of the Evening 
Division of La Salle College, Frank Hanlon has retired 
after thirty-four years with the English Department. Be- 
sides his smiling face, he is best known for his instruction 
on oral communications. Students will miss this gentle 
man who stopped by the chapel to pray for his students 
each time he came on campus. 


Dr. Victor D. Brooks, Ed.D. 

The smiling face of Dr. Brooks has graced the La Salle 
evening campus for twenty-five years. As a friend to the 
students, he is best known as past Chairman of the Evening 
Division Department of Psychology, moderator of the Eve- 
ning Division Student Congress, historian of the Alpha Sigma 
Lambda Honors Society, Beta Chapter, and honorary member 
of the Cross Keys Fraternity. 



Brother Gregorian Paul, Dr. Joseph J. Sprissler, Brother Emery 
Mollenhauer — Founders of the Evening Division 

In 1946 when "the Ughts went on again all over the world," 
at the end of World War II, the bright lights also went on at 
night in the classrooms of La Salle College. The evening 
division started that year under the direction of Dr. Joseph J. 
Sprissler, with the blessings of Brother Gregorian Paul, then 
La Salle president. Later Brother Paul was appointed first 
evening division dean and Brother Emery Mollenhauer 
followed Brother Paul in that position. With its founding 
faculty the administration weathered those lean formative 
years. The reputation of the evening division attracted unique 
students, and continues to do so. The students' experience 
reflects itself in La Salle's prosperity, as evidenced in the 
evening division's traditional commitment to excellence. 

L. to R. Brother Lewis Donaghy, Dr. Robert Courtney, Dr. Joseph J. 
Sprissler, Mr. Frank Hanlon, Dr. Joseph Flubacher and Brother 
Gregorian Paul — The First Faculty of the Evening Division. 



Veterans came 

Men of all ages came 





_2tj^''^ ^1 

Minorities came 

Women of all ages came 


Playing . . . 





Evening alumnus John Dronson, Economics, draws a smile from his 
students despite his topic, spiraling inflation 

La Salle graduate James L. Keogh, Marketing, discusses the 
marketing mix with Rob DeSoo 

Frank Donahue, LaSalle historian, focuses in on the finer points of English 

Ex-evening student Barbara Lamb, English, expounds expository 

Mrs. Mary 


McGlynn, Coor- 


dinator of La Salle 


Northeast, couples 


teaching with 









Mustachioed La Salle alumnus Frank Ryan, English, ponders the muse and 
inspires it in his students 

Administrating . . . 

liVEKlKG ;i 



mi 1 . ^\ 


Clockwise from Top Left: Brother Claude Demitras, Dean of the Evening and Summer 
Sessions, smiles in relief at the close of another evening. Mr. John King. Miss Shirley-Ann 
Eriksson and Brother Joseph Bender are the other hubs of the administrative vifheel around 
vi/hich the Evening Division runs. 



Cross Keys Fraternity — L. to R. 
Frank McCabe, Bart McQuoid, Pat 
Lindermuth, Connie Dunston, Joan 
Dougherty, President. 

College Council Representative, Connie Dunston 

Officers of Student Congress 

L. to R. Kathy Little, Treasurer; Jane Ruane, President; Carole Sokalski, Vice President; Joanne 
Marmer, Secretary 


Black Students La Salle — L. to R. 
Marie Hicks, Cookie Stachell, 
Secretary; Janice Wright, President; 
Louise Jackson, Treasurer 

U.S.A.E.S. Official Delegate, Mike Huml 


Society for the Advancement of Management — L. TO R. Janice Wright, 
President; Gloria Arrington, Vice President 

Joanne M.L. Beach, Editor-in-Chief 





Who left the Ught on? 

Who was studying here? 

It may have been the 

patrolman, who's just run 

off to work. 

Or perhaps the 

mother who dashed up-stairs 

to fondle her child, hot with fever. 

Yet again 

It may be 

the nurse 

called in to cover for 

someone who did not come. 


a brother 

who left to counsel a soul in pain. 

ALL have heard the call of hurting people 

ALL have responded -AND- 

still tomorrow 

The mortar board remains the goal, 

The book lies waiting to be read. 

The light turned on - 

The time ticking away - 

the constant. 

Who left the light on? 



^tm ^iM 

Wiliiam J. Ey 

John P. Farley 

Judith France 

Wayne S. Fulmer 

Joan H. Gainer 


y ^ 

Daniei Gallagher 

Stephen E. Gana 

Derrick Giddiens 

Affannato, Hugh J., B.S., Finance. Phila., Pa. 

Alien, Eleanor A.. B.A.. Psvchologj'. Willingboro. 

Amberg, Alfred, B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 
Arringlon, Gloria, B.S.. Management. Phila.. Pa.. 

Evening Student Congress. Black Students 

League, Society for the Advancement of 

Binns, William H.. B.S.. Operations Management. 

Doylestovvn, Pa. 
Black, Christopher M.. B.S.. Operations 

Management, Phila.. Pa.. Evening Student 

Congress, Marketing Association 
Brando, Leslie, L.. B.A.. English. Phila.. Pa. 
Breault. Kenneth John. B.S.. Mathematics. 

Cornwells Heights. Pa. 
Brown, Ann Fry, B.A.. Elementary Education. 

Southampton. Pa. 
Brunner, Paul David, B.S.. Mathematics/Computer 

Science. Phila.. Pa. 
Butman. Alan H.. B.A.. Sociology/Criminal Justice. 

Huntingdon Valley. Pa. 
Callahan. Michael ]., B.S.. Operations Management. 

TurnersviUe. N.J. 
Carroll, Harriet B., B.A., Psychology, West Chester, 

Chestnut, William. B.S., Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 
Clisby, George E., B.S.. Sociology.' Criminal Justice. 

Phila. Pa. 
Coffin. Edward S.. B.S.. Accounting. Drexel Hill. 

Costello. Richard V.. B.S.. Accounting. PhUa.. Pa.. 

Accounting Association 
Coutts. Dolores M.. B.A.. Psychology. Phila.. Pa. 
Covne. Elizabeth R.. B.A.. Religion/Psychology. 

Phila., Pa. 
Dahms. James. J.. B.S.. Marketing. Phila.. Pa. 
Devereau.x, Jewel L.. B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa.. 

Accounting Association 
Dinon, Primo. B.S.. Electronic Physics. Phila.. Pa. 
Dixon, Mary K., B,S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 
Dougherty, 6. Joan. B.A.. Economics. Phila.. Pa,. 

Alpha Sigma Lambda. Cross Keys Fraternity 
Drozd. Charles H.. B.S.. Personnel and Labor 

Relations. Phila.. Pa. 
Dwyer. Regina A.. B.S.. Finance. Phila.. Pa. 
Ellis. Edward W.. B.S.. Operations Management. 

Delran. N.J. 
Esola. Louis F. 

Ey. William J., B.S.. Management. Phila.. Pa. 
Farley. John P.. B.A.. Sociology/Criminal Justice. 

Cheltenham. Pa.. Alpha Sigma Lambda 
France. Judith. B.A.. Elementary Education, 

Clementon, N.J. 
Fulmer. Wayne. S.. B.S., Accounting, Roslyn. Pa. 
Gainer. Joan H.. B.S.. Management. Runnemede. 

Gallagher. Daniel 
Gana, Stephen E., B.S.. Operations Management. 

Phila.. Pa.. Society for the Advancement of 

Giddiens. Derrick. B.A.. Sociology. Phila.. Pa. 


Paul McDermott 

Elizabeth A. McE/derry 

]ames McKinley 

Robert C. Mehler 

Patricia Mich 


Terence Palriik Houck 

Margie E. Human 

Cynthia M. Matczak 

Catherine Brigidi 

Steven C 







Linda M. Kumpf 

<:nr.>.n. llo/H-rl / , II, A., CnmiiMl |iisli(:i'. I'hil;i,. I'a, 
lldll. SiiiKlni l.<:ii. HA, f:otripiilrr Sf.M:nr;r. Chrtrry 

Hill. N.|. 
//(irris, f.'ornrll 

Ihirl. A/foiPso ■/■. |r . I) S , M;irk<;linK, I'hihi., l':i. 
H(;m/)( /rcuf- /'nnli'llfi, HA., Soijoloxy. I'hil;i.. 

Ili:nni:r. (:i:riilil I)., U.S.. M:in,iK(!mf;nl. North Mills. 

I';i., Iwcninfj Slmlcnl C^on^^rcss, lnlr:imiir;ils 
//it.ks, Miirii:, U A. Srjcioldxy. I'hiNi.. I';i.. I)l;i(.(< 

Sliiilcml l.cMKi"'. livdnm^i Sluilcnl (;()ngrr:ss 
//ogdn. (losr MrifM.-. D.S-, A(;(.oiinlin«. I'hil;i.. I':i. 
Ilolmix. ChnrlfM M,. U.S.. luslirjc, Phjl;i.. 

lliHick. 'V(:ri:n(:i: I'lilriiik. I!.A.. Si)(.iiiUjgy/r;rimin:)l 

luslicc, I'hih... I'ii. 
//i;nli.T. .SK.'Vcn f;.. U.S., f)r(>;in iz;i I ion :i I 

MiinnHDmi^nl, I'hilii., I';i. 
Ilumim. Miirj-i'.' Ki/i.'n, U.S., MnnaK'-'mcnl, l'hil;i., P;i. 
/ockson. Moggii: Ann, B.S.. A(;(:ountin(^. Phihi., P;i. 
K<ipl(}n. 'Chomd.s /.. U.S., Manii(Ji:m(:nl, Aloo. N.|. 
Kouftoano. Edwiinl (.. li.A.. f;rimin;il |usli(.ff, Phil;)., 

K o r (.■ )■ k o , (•; (.■ rj r >■ '•• / o s <: p h . (i . S . . 

Mun;jg(:ni(mt/P(:rsonn<n ;in'i Labor RcLilirjns. 

Warrington, Pa. 
Kri.slo/, jdhn A.. B.S., Aocjounting, Ro.slyn. Pa. 
Kriste/. Orif; V., ///, B.S., Managr:m<;nt, Phila., Pa. 
Kumpf. John A., B.S., Financi:. Cherry Hill, N.J. 
Kumpf, Linda M., B.S., Accounting. Cherry Hill, 

N.J., Alpha Sigma Lambda 
Lautenbof.hor, Richard. B.A., Computer Science, 

Levittown, Pa. 
Letenaufjhyn, Peter Nicholas, B.S., Marketing, 

Phila., Pa. 
Lindenmulh, Andrew M., B.A., Criminal |ustice, 

Phila., Pa. 
Luczyszyn, Anna Marie. B.A.. Economics, Phila., Pa., James P.. B.S., Management, Phila., Pa. 
Matczak, Cynthia M., B.S., Personnel and Labor 

Relations, Cornwells Heights. Pa. 
Mattel. Catherine Brigidi. B.A., Marketing, 

Blackwood, N.J. 
McCabe, jomes M., B.S.. Personnel and Labor 

Relations, Phila., Pa.. Alpha Sigma Lambda 
McDermott, Paui. B.S., Operations Management, 

Phila., Pa. 
McE/derry, Elizabeth A.. B.S., Accounting, 

Dowingtown, Pa. 
McKin/ey, James, B.S.. Personnel and Labor 

Relations. Phila.. Pa. 
Mehier, Robert C, B.S., Operations Management. 

Phila.. Pa. 
Mich. Patricia. B.S.. Finance. Phila., Pa. 
MilchelJ, Alien, B.A.. Sociology. Roslyn. Pa. 
Monroe. Henry F., //, B.S,. Criminal Justice. Phila.. 

Moore. James Patrick, B.A., Humanities. Phila., Pa. 

Allen Mitchell 

Henry F. Monroe, II 

James P. Moore 


Michael Rocco 

EJbert Roseman 

Frank J. Ruditis 

Michaol Russi 



■k . 

mM M 

Jeffrey L. Ruth 

James F. Sink 

Fred W. Smith 

Vincent J. Sottiie 

John F. Swoyer 

Kevin TaJIey 


Molson. Judy C. B.S., Finance, Phila., Pa. 
Munson, Leonard, B.A., History. Phila., Pa. 
Munson, Timothy, B.A.. Criminal Justice, Phila., Pa. 
Murphy, Linda ]., B.A., English, Elkins Park, Pa. 
Nied, Chariene, B.S., Marketing. Phila., Pa. 
Nolan, Christopher M., B.S.. Accounting. Phila.. Pa. 
O'DonneJI. Raymond, B.S., Accounting, Phila.. Pa. 
Otto, Margaret T., B.A., Sociology, Phila., Pa. 
Paster, Cheryl A.. B.A., Sociology, Phila., Pa. 
Pettyjohn, Victor M., B.S., Operations Management, 

Elkins Park, Pa. 
Piquion. Marie Therese, B.S., Accounting, Phila., 

Poiesz, John L. 

Pomante, Victor ]., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Potako, John 
Pravdiuk, Andrew, B.S., Accounting, Huntingdon 

Valley, Pa. 
PresnaiJ, John R., B.S., Accounting, Berlin, N.J. 
Prosper!, Ernie D., B.S., Marketing, Levittown, Pa. 
Prusienski, Stephen P., Jr., B.S., Operations 

Management, Phila., Pa. 
Read, C. Paul, Jr., B.A., Criminal Justice, Phila.. Pa. 
Reid, Felix /., lU. B.S., Marketing, Somerset, N.J. 
Roseman, Elbert, B.A., Sociology/ Criminal Justice, 

Phila.. Pa. 
Rudrtis, Frank J.. B.A., Sociology/Criminal Justice, 

Phila., Pa. 
Ruth, Jeffrey L, B.S., Operations Management, 

Harleysville, Pa. 
Seckinger, Robert W., Jr., B.S., Accounting, Phila.. 

Shaeffer, Barbara A., B.S., Personnel and Labor 

Relations Relations/Management, Phila., Pa. 
Shepherd, Robert William, B.S., Accounting, Phila.. 

Sink. James F., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Smith, Fred W., B.S., Accounting, Glenside, Pa. 
Sottjie, Vincent J,, B.S., Management, Willingboro. 

Swoyer, John F,, B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Taliey, Kevin, B.S„ Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Thompson, Meryl H., B.S., Sociology, Willingboro, 

Tierney. Edward, A.. B.A., Computer Science, 

Jenkintown, Pa. 
Tucker, Ella J., B.A., Sociology, Phila., Pa. 

Meryl H. Thompson 

Edward A. Tierney 

Ella /. Tucker 


Tumulty, Richard /., B.S., Operations Management, 

Phila., Pa. 
Turner, Patricia A., B.A., Sociology, Phila., Pa. 
Varrone. Peter, T., B.S., Operations Management, 

Roslyn, Pa. 
Viiitski. Stanley Anthony, B.S., Marketing, 

Norristown, Pa. 
Watson, Richard C, B.S., Operations Management, 

Holland, Pa. 
Wesiowsici, Wanda Eleanor, B.A., History, Phila., 

Pa. Alpha Sigma Lambda 
Whartenby, Gerald, /., B.A., Sociology. Phila., Pa. 
Wilkinson, Frank H., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 
Williams, William R., B.A., Electronic Physics, 

PhUa., Pa. 
Winstead, Lorraine Y.,, B.S., Business 

Administration, Phila., Pa. 
Witcher, Barbara V., B.A., Sociology, Phila., Pa. 

Nancy Moon 

Mary Ewing 

Gregory Klouder 


Seniors Not Pictured 

Abboll. Stephen /oseph. B.A.. Criminal justice, Phila., Pa. 

Adams, Andrea E.. B.A., Mathematics. Phila., Pa. 

Baldwin. Doris L.. B.A.. English/Education. Phila., Pa. 

Benvenuto, Patricia A.. B.A., Psychology. Phila., Pa. 

Blakney. WiJiiam, B.S.. Accounting, PhUa., Pa. 

Boettcher, Frank /., B.S., Accounting, Phila.. Pa. 

Brady. Francis Patrick, B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Buddie, /ames /oseph, B.S., Finance, Deptford, N.J. 

Bu/lock, Janice A., B.A., Sociology. Phila., Pa. 

Byrne, John P.. B.A.. Humanities, Phila., Pa. 

Cael. Catherine M., B.A., Mathematics/Computer Science, Haverford, Pa. 

Carberry, Paul M., B.S.. Operations Management, Cornwells Heights, Pa. 

Carlin, William J., B.A.. History, Phila.. Pa. 

Carr, Mary, B.A., Sociology, Phila., Pa. 

Carson, Curtis C, B.A.. Criminal Justice, Phila., Pa. 

Chehak, Norbert V.. B.S.. Finance, Cherry HUl, N.J. 

Cimorelli. Edward J., B.S.. Sociology, Phila., Pa. 

Clark. Jerry Lee, B.A., Psychology, Phila.. Pa. 

CJinkscole, Larry Lee, B.A., Sociology, Phila., Pa. 

Coffey. James Michael, B.S.. Accounting, North Wales, Pa. 

Colley, Herbert Von, Jr., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Collins. Elwood, B.S.. Management, Phila., Pa. 

Convery, Hugh F., Jr., B.S., Operations Management, Oreland, Pa. 

Coppola, Salvatore P., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Crigiiton, William J., B.S.. Accounting, West Chester, Pa. 

Dembowski. James A, B.S., Management/Personnel and Labor Relations, 

Phila., Pa. 

Diegel, Joseph T., B.S.. Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Ecker, Dennis C, B.A., Sociology/Criminal Justice, Phila., Pa. 

Esofa, Louis Francis, B.S., Finance, Pennsauken. N.J. 

Farley, John P., Sociology/Criminal Justice, Cheltenham, Pa. 

Fisher, Sharon A., B.S., Operations Management, Elkins Park, Pa. 

Flavin. J. Christopher, B.S., Operations Management, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Frye, Richard T.. B.S., Electronic Physics, Williamstown, N.J. 

Garvin, Vicki Lynn. B.A., Economics, Ambler, Pa. 

Gielec, Michael, B.S., Electronic Physics, CollegevlUe, Pa. 

Gochoco, James R., B.S., Accounting/Finance, Chalfont, Pa. 

Goldstein, Barbara L., B.S., English/Education, Phila., Pa. 

Grzybowski, Jerome J., B.S., Accounting. Phila., Pa. 

Hail, John J., B.S., Finance, Chalfont, Pa. 

Harper. Madeleine R., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Harvey. Terrance M., B.A.. Humanities, Phila., Pa. 

Hendricks, Stevan, B.S.. Accounting, Levittown. Pa. 

Hirner. Susan. B.A.. English, Phila.. Pa. 

Huggins, Geraldine J., B.S., Personnel and Labor Relations, Warrington, 


Jones, Michal H., B.A., Sociology, Royersfrod, Pa. 

Keiner, Wally, B.S., Accounting, Elkins Park, Pa. 

Kelly, Gerald /., B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Kukowski. Chester /., B.S., Marketing, Phila., Pa. 

Maddaloni, Roselee M.. B.A.. English, Phila., Pa. 

Mogill, Lorraine F., B.A., Psychology, Phila., Pa. 

Martin, Frank A., B.A., Criminal Justice, Roxborough, Pa. 

McCrory. Deborah V., B.A., Criminal Justice, Phila., Pa. 

McGettigan, Joseph P., B.S.. Finance, Glenside, Pa. 

McGinley, Thomas W., B.S., Management, Phila., Pa. 

Miller, Lidna J., B.S., Accounting, Lansdale, Pa. 

Montague, John P., B.S.. Marketing, Hatboro, Pa. 

Moon, Nancy, B.S., Management, Phila., Pa. 

Murphy. Teresa M., B.S., Management, Phila.. Pa. 

Noll, Charles A., B.A., English, Phila., Pa. 

O'Connor, Kevin M., B.S., Finance, Phila., Pa. 

Oczki, Martin J., B.A., Sociology, Phila., Pa. 

OTooIe, John L.. B.S., Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Parente. Anita Lisa, B.A., Humanities, Phila., Pa. 

Poiesz, John L, B.S., Finance, Darby, Pa. 

Potako, John V., B.A., Computer Science, Exton, Pa. 

Rogan, Daniel J., Jr., B.A.. Sociology, Phila., Pa. 

Regruto, Eileen, B.A., Psychology, Phila.. Pa. 

Roessler. Joseph T., B.A., Sociology, Maple Glen, Pa. 

Rooney. Michael F., B.S., Management, West Chester, Pa. 

Rose, Deborah Ann, B.A.. Elementary Education, Abington, Pa. 

Rossi, Vincent Jude, B.S., Management, Phila., Pa. 

Roundtree, Robert L., B.A., Criminal Justice/Sociology, Phila., Pa. 

Schell, Bruce Eugene, B.S., Accounting, Marlton, N.J. 

Schultz, Carl B., B.S., Personnel and Labor Relations, Langhorne, Pa. 

Seckinger, Robert W., Jr., B.S., Accounting. Phila., Pa. 

Smith, Richard John, B.S., Accounting, Phila.. Pa. 

Smith, William L., B.S., Management. Phila., Pa. 

Smyth. William. B.S., Operations Management, Phila.. Pa. 

Sowinski. John Joseph, B.S.. Management, Phila., Pa. 

Stewart, Edword J., B.S.. Personnel and Labor Relations, Phila.. Pa. 

Sudul, Richard M., B.S.. Operations Management, Phila., Pa. 

Tea Eric, B.S.. Accounting, Phila., Pa. 

Wilkinson, Wiibert T., B.S., Personnel and Labor Relations/Marketing, 

Cornwells Heights, Pa.. 

Williams, Charles L, B.A., Criminal Justice. Phila., Pa. 

Williams, Christopher J., B.S., Operations Management, Phila., Pa. 

Wilson, Jerome, B.A., Computer Science, Phila.. Pa. 

Yeager. Robert. B.S., Accounting, Maple Shade, N.J. 

Zieike, Christopher, B.S., Electronic Physics, East Greenville, N.J. 



In Memorlam' 


Diane Blumenthal 

teonard Shakt 

John E. James 

Pushpa Mittal 

Alma Reeves 

Cpt. John Schock 
Nancy Rodgers 





Distinguished Patrons 

Raymond P. Heath . :^ ^ 

Brother Emery MoUenhauer 

Special Activities Office 

LaSalle College Resident Life Staff 

"It's the people who make the place" 

Dr. Thomas N. McCarthy 

Vincent Kling 

The Christian Brothers Community 

John Veen 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Louden 

Mr. & Mrs. Emil Medvidik 

Dear Loretta, Congratulations, and may you 

make great history! Love, Mom 


Chestnut Hill Stationery B ^ 

English Department 

Patricia A. Nugent .,^^ 

Henry J. Winters 

Mary A. Robinson 

William J. Binkowski 

Dr. Joseph Flubacher 

Jane Bransfield 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Falbo 

Mrs. Anna Strecker 

Mfs. Clare Rauscher 

The Counseling Center Staff 

Br. Gerry Molyneaux 

Mrs. George Zwolak 




Uncle Bob, 

Thank you for four years of 
enlightenment. We will all be sure to 
follow the road to greatness just like A 
good ol' Foster Roser! ,^ 

Rob Gitman, Beth Harper, Frank '^ 

Haaz, Ed Barr, Rosemary Robinson ^jj 

The Gavel Society 

the Class of 1980 

Patti Shapiro — President 

Neil Silverman — Vice-President 

Lee Mogavero 

Congratulations To 
Linda Mauro 

and the Class of 1980 

Mauro Die Co. 

Congratulations to 

The Class of 1980 

Career Planning 

and Placement 

Reed Goldstein 

Love and Best Wishes, 

Mom and Dad 

Steve and Abbe 

Congratulations to 

Andrea Lynn Barkocy 

With Love & Best Wishes 

Mom and Dad 

Allen and Gary 


To Our Seniors 

John B., Nush, Billy Mac, Steve, Denny, Sue, 
Bill C, Kathy J., Irene, John M.: 

May your road through Hfe 

be paved with 




Graham Cracker Crumbs 

Love & Thanks 

The Masque 

(The more you do, the more you do) 





Class of 1980 

Day Admissions Office 

Brother Lewis Mullin, F.S.C. 
Director of Admissions 

Barbara }. Arthur 
Associate Director of Admissions 
Stephen L. McGonigle 
Associate Director of Admissions 

Brother F. Christopher, F.S.C. 

Coordinator: Transfer & Foreign 


Brother E. Gerald Fitzgerald, F.S.C. 

Assistant Director of Admissions 

Mary V. Rutkowski 

Admissions Counselor 



The Class of 1980, 

And our own graduating Seniors: 

Beth Harper — Co-Editor-in-Chief 

Lee Mogavero — Co-Editor-in-Chief 

Walt Baker — Business Manager 

Neil Cohen — Managing Editor 

Neil Silverman — Entertainment Editor 

Mary Montrella — News Editor 

Rob Gitman - Photo Editor 


Pick-up & Save Phone 276-1220 


6849 Limekiln Pike Phila., P». 

Gary E. McCafferty 

Best Wishes and Success 
In the future 

Congratulations and Love 

Dad and Mom 

Bobby and Kelly 


The Student Programming Association 

Wishes to extend: 
Our congratulations to the members of the class of 1980, our 
thanks to the members of the class who served in our 
organization and our appreciation to the La Salle student body 
for making 1979-80 our most successful year ever. 

Karl Miller — President Wendy Samter — Secretary 

Joan Bove - Vice President Reginald B. King - Treasurer 

Paul Bogart — Special Events Dennis Snyder — Publicity 
John D. Rossi — Services Jeff Wolper — Services 

Monica Janke — Social 
And The Members of Student Programming 

Big Top 

Cold Beer — Ice — Soda 

Party Snacks 

6300 North Broad St. 

Call 276-BEER 

























Students' Government 

Extends its warmest wishes 
and sincere congratulations to 

The Class of 1980 

"It is the Spirit which we bring to the fight that decides the 
issue. It is the morale that wins the victory." 
George C. Marshall 
1880 - 1959 

Mitch Katz, President 

Andrea Barkocy, Executive Vice President 

Frank Haaz, Vice President of Business Affairs 

Greg NoMAak, Vice President of Student Affairs 

Brian McDonough, Vice President of Academic Affairs 

The Senate 
Ed Barr 
Carol Louden 
Mark Faber 
Jane Fagan 
Al DiGregorio 
Jacky Alford 
Chris Andreas 
Bob Stewart 
Ann Stumpo 
Tom Ziemba 
Dan Tann 
Theresa Morretta 
Len Zimmerman 
Dave Schmotzer 
Kathy Golden 
Carl Wenzel 
Maureen McDonnell 
Ellen Reilly 

Academic Affairs Committee 

Patty Pownall 

Monica Heck 

Jane Fagan 

Mike Cramer 

Ed Vasko 

Bob Scally 

Linda Barber 

Marilyn Hause 

Bruce Ruggeri 

Rich Kranick 

Rich Donnelly 

Pat Graney 

Janice Hill 

Chuck Capone 

Paula Krebs 

Kathy Sweeney 

Ken Gustin 

Walt Baker 



















Marian Slawiatynsky 

Congratulations and best wishes 


Your Family 


Dennis Pone 

And all of his 

class mates we have had the 

pleasure of meeting 

Mom, Dad, and Dave 


Rosemary T. Robinson 

Love and best v^rishes 
Your Mother and Father 

We are very proud of you 

Angela Lagocki 


And Love 
Mom and Dad 

Congratulations to a 


We are VERY proud of 

you because you did it 

mostly on your own. 

Love and Best Wishes 

Mom and Dad 

Compliments Of 
Davor Photo 

Best Wishes To 
The Class Of '80 

Physics Department 


WEXP Congratulates 
The Class of 1980 

Reed Goldstein — General Manager 
Dan Kelly — Program Director 
Bob Windhaw — Business Manager 
John Sherrie — Music Director 
Len Zimmerman — Sports Director 
Karen Finocchiaro — Advertising Director 
Geri Motz — News Director 
Joanne Lolmery — Music Room Director 
Dennis Gazak — Technical Director 




CLASS OF 1980 

On behalf of the evening students we would like to extend our 
best wishes to the following faculty members: 

DR. VICTOR D. BROOKS. Student Congress moderator, Alpha 
Sigma Lambda Honors Society historian and honorary member 
of Cross Keys Fraternity, Dr. Brooks is celebrating his 25th year 
at La Salle as a member and past chairman of the evening 
department of Psychology. 

E. FRANK HANLON. Recently retired, Mr. Hanlon had been a 
member of the English department teaching in the evening 
division since its birth in the fall of 1946. 



Jane Ruane — President 

Carole Sokalski — Vice-President 

Joanne Maimer — Secretary 

Kathy Little — Treasurer 


Connie Dunstan — College Council Representatives 
Mike HumI - USAES Official Delegate 


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is a winning feeling at 

Contin^ital Bank. 

In sports there are only a few win- 
ners. But at Continental Bank 
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You're Always Number One. 

Number One is that special feeling 
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It's a special feeling that lets 
you know how important you 
are to us. 

So feel like a winner There 's a 
Continental Bank near you, and 
we "re eager to make you 
Number One. 


You're Always Number One 


Eieculive Headquarters: Cenire Square 1500 Markel Stfeel, Philadelphia, Pa 19102 • Legal Headquanei 

and Swede Slreels. Norrislown. Pa 19404 


Comp iments of 

tr First Pennsqivania Bank 

The bank with the |i/as Factor 

© 1977 First Pennsylvania Bank n a. Member F.D.I.C. 



Best Wishes to The Explorer 

from the 

Pubhc Affairs Area 




We appreciate and applaud your conscientious efforts to 
capture the essence of the college in such a creative manner. 



Finest Steaks and Hoagies in Town 
2160 W. Olney Ave. 





J. F. McCrossen Co. 


I 5-2e77-HAVERFOF 



JDie^mgtr ^ Solan 

Fine Jewelers Since 1886 

25 Coulter Ave. 8603 Germantown Ave. 


MI 2-7100 CH 7-7800 




OF 1980 

@ Arnv^ROTC. 

complimenls of 


910 Godfrey Avenue 






Compliments of 

LaSalle College's 
Campus Store 

Text-book Store 

Best Wishes to 

The Graduates from 

The Department o:: 

Foreign Languages 

And Literatures 


Class of 1980 


The Student Life Office 

Kathy, Chris, Bob, Carol 
Shirley, & Steve 


Colleen M. Romano 

We are very proud of you 

Love and Best Wishes 

Mom and Dad 

We Are Proud of You 

Constance Anne Petroni 

Congratulations and Love 
Your Mother and Father 


Cheryl A. Yurkanin 

We Are Pleased 
and Very Proud 


Mom and Dad 

and Beverly 


Gene Strecker 

Love and Best Wishes 
Your Family 

We Are Proud of You 

Carol A. Henns 

Congratulations And Love 

Mom, Dad 


Compliments of 

Compliments of the 
McChesney Family 


Savings Bank 

^^ — ' PH II A n 

PHILADELPHIA. PENNSYLVANIA 19106 • 215/627-1400 










Know that yesterday 

Is but today's 


And Tomorrow is Today's 


Congratulations and Best 

Wishes to the Class of 1980 


LaSalle College 
Residence Council 


Brian McHale — President Jane Paone — Secretary 

Chris Serpico — Vice-President John McEvoy — Treasurer 

And The Executive Board 


Best Wishes To The 

Class Of '80 

LaSalle College 

Food Services 


The History Department 

The Class Of '80 

The Management Department 

Congratulates Graduating 


And Wishes Them 

Every Success In Their Careers 

We Sincerely Hope That 
These Careers Are Managerial 

Robert F. Kelly 
Congratulations And Best 

Your Family 

Albert M. DiGregorio 


We are very proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 

Eileen and Carla 

Robert and Joan 

Compliments Of 
LaSalle Corp. 


The Explorer 

Editor-in-Chief (Fall Semester): 

Joseph Mahon 

Editor-in-Chief (Spring Semester): 

John D. Rossi, III 

Business Editor: 

John D. Rossi III 

Photo Editors: 

Len Spearing, Rob Gitman 

Copy Editor: 

Tom Rodden 

Associate Editors: 

Wendy Samter, Holly Hale 

Evening Division Editor: 

Betty Coyne 

Special Consultant to the Editor: 

Carl Miller 

Computer Systems Editor: 

Reginald King 


Vince Kling, Christine Lysionek 


Photo Staff: 

Writing Staff: 

Business Staff: 


Len Spearing 

Tom Rodden 

Kathy Colbert 

Nora Barry 

Rob Gitman 

Jim Butler 

Barb Kelly 

Al DiGregorio 

Lou Mosca 

Virginia Bareshek 

Frank Mandato 

Jane Ruane 

Ellen Resnick 

Joe Mahon 

Evie Nugent 

Sue Krembs 

Dave Propis 

Wendy Samter 

Reginald King 

Cathy McGauley 

Neil Cohen 

Brian Pierce 

Paula Krebs 

John Rossi 

Andrea Barkocy 

Ai DiCregorio 

Yvonne Hayman 

Michael Jones 

John O'Toole 

Ed Green 

I would like to extend special thanks to Bob Davine, publishing consultant, 
Abe Orlick, of Davor Photo, The Student Life Office, Len Spearing, and my 
entire staff. Without the help and cooperation of these fine people who 
worked very hard to meet deadlines, you would have just looked at 254 blank 


We are leaving now 

Gladly, with years of growth behind us 

Sadly, with memories of good times 

and good friends. 

But mostly 

Hopeful for ourselves 

And for the future.